Coopers Seeks Australia’s Best Homebrew with ‘Master of the Brewniverse’ Competition

Coopers is giving you the chance to take your best homebrew to the big leagues through its ‘Master of the Brewniverse’ competition. In this search for the nation’s best DIY beer, one lucky entrant will have their own beer recipe brewed and canned by Coopers and sold at Dan Murphy’s stores across Australia.

This is the perfect opportunity for anyone who’s ever dreamed of starting a brewery, had cravings for creating a signature brew or just admired someone else’s and is ready to give it a crack.

“We’re keen to discover Australia’s greatest DIY brewer and launch the next generation of DIY brewers, with this exciting opportunity,” said Scott Harris, Coopers.

“Many established craft brewers started their journey with Coopers DIY Beer, so we’re hoping to incite some nostalgia and hear from some of our old fans too.”

coopers home brew competition

Master of the Brewniverse runs from now through ‘til July 31, 2019. Competition entries are collated at select homebrew stores with certified beer judges determining four finalists from each state to progress to national judging.

State judging commences in September, with the overall winner announced in February 2020. You can enter the competition and find all the details via the link below. You can also join the competition mailing list for the chance to win $250 worth of DIY brew gear.

Coopers is the world’s number one selling brand of DIY Beer extracts. Coopers began producing DIY beer kits back in the mid ’70s when legislation was changed to allow brewing at home. It’s crazy to think there was ever a time when beer enthusiasts were not allowed to brew their own bevvies. Let’s hope we never wind up there again.

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coopers home brew competition