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Drake champagne

Drake’s Champagne Mod Selection to Launch in Australia

They say you have to manifest your dreams and turn them into reality. Drake has been living this ethos for the better part of a decade, and his business decisions are proof of that. Known as Champagne Papi on Instagram, the rap god has now literally become one, launching his very own ultra-luxe Champagne titled Mod Sélection. Thanks to cricketing legend Michael Clarke’s latest venture, Bevmart, high rolling Aussie’s can now get hit for six thanks to the Canadian superstar.

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Michael clarke bevmart
Image: Bevmart

Mod Sélection is the brainchild of both Drake and spirits mogul Brent Hocking, who also helped create the musician’s newly released Virginia Black Whiskey label. The Champagne has been produced in the Valee de Marne region of France since 1892, once only reserved for the political and industrial elite of the country. Today it’s recognised as one of the finest houses in Champagne, winning Wine Spectator Food & Wine Festival’s “Best of the Best” title in 2020.

Celebrating the tradition and heritage of the luxurious bubbly, each bottle of Mod Sélection contains intricate packaging hand-designed by artisans to ensure no two bottles look the same. Furthermore, they practice minimal intervention of grapes throughout harvest, carefully picking only those with optimal sugar and acidity levels to move on to the pressing stage.

Mod sélection

Mod Sélection Reserve Champagne 750mL – AU$499

Described as the purest expression of balanced ‘House Style’, it’s layered with lively aromatics and vibrant white fruit. On the nose, it exhibits floral and grassy notes, along with classic Champagne notes of ripe apple and pear. As for the palate, fruity flavours of pear and green apple shine, with slight hints of melon, alongside slight hints of citrus and apricot jam and a touch of soft minerality. The Champagne is characterised as powerful yet satiny smooth, with a distinct but well-integrated acidity. The finish is long, smooth, with lingering notes of apple and pear.

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Mod Sélection Rosé

Mod Sélection Rosé Champagne 750mL – AU$599

Drake’s Rosé expression undergoes a proprietary cold-soak maceration at harvest to maximise freshness and vitality utilising the rare Saignée method. On the nose lives a mild bread dough note followed by aromas of red fruit with hints of floral and lime. There are subtle flavours of red fruits on the palate with hints of strawberry followed by green apple and pear. Accompanying the fruit is a slight minerality with a gentle lingering bitter note. The finish is long and smooth with notes of red fruits, especially strawberries.

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Mod Sélection is now available to purchase in Australia via the Bevmart website. 

Mod sélection rosé

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