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A bottle of Monday Gin

Monday Gin Gives You the Flavour without the Hangover

It may sound like you’re defeating the purpose, but non-alcoholic spirits are on the rise. One such spirit is Monday Zero Alcohol Gin. “A cultural shift is underway,” says Monday’s web site, “a mindset towards self care, staying sharp, and living life without compromise. This is not a trend—this is a movement that chooses to be over the influence.”

Monday Gin front

From the start, Monday Gin promises to be a premium experience. It’s priced at $39.99, which compared to competitors like Seedlip that are priced at $30, makes it one of the more expensive options on the market. Take a look at the label, though, and you can start to see how Monday Gin is worth the price. The dark green and gold label is done in a deco design, bringing to mind The Great Gatsby and the roaring ‘20s. The natural cork stopper is another premium touch. The nose for the drink is strong, and closely resembles that of a gin with its full alcohol. Citrus, spice, and strong botanicals fill your nose upon opening the bottle. And the flavour when drinking? Monday again nails the experience, lacking none of the flavour of a regular gin. What it does lack is the price you’ll pay tomorrow morning.

Monday Gin nutritional facts

Crafted and distilled in Los Angeles, California, Monday Gin is made in small batches from the classic and familiar botanicals—juniper, herbs, spices, and citrus—that you would expect for a quality gin. Behind the distillery is a collection of eclectic San Diego entrepreneurs who are focused on health, fitness, and wellness. And it looks like they’re not the only ones interested in being able to enjoy life’s little pleasures without getting hungover. In just 48 hours, Monday Gin was 102 per cent funded on their Kickstarter campaign. If you’re sober curious, or you just want the night to continue without unfurling three sheets to the wind, ask for Monday gin. As Chris Boyd, the man behind Monday Gin, puts it, “Enjoy the gin drinks you love sans the hangover you hate.”

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