VB Announces Recruitment Drive for Beer Lovers

You can get it doing market research. You can get it giving away free merch…

VB, the drink that has kept Australia from invading the rest of the world since 1854, is synonymous across this wide brown land with a hard-earned thirst, and there’s nothing Australians love more than hard work and a frosty glass of fizzy amber goodness to slake said thirst.

Now, Carlton United Breweries, the brewing behemoth behind the iconic beverage, are thirsty too: thirsty for some market research, that is. And they’re even offering up some free merch and cash to those who participate.

Announced via Facebook yesterday, the company said: “VB is on a recruitment drive. We are looking for VB drinkers keen to share their opinions on all things VB in 1hr discussion sessions in exchange for some sweet VB merch and a little cash.”

It seems strange that VB would want people’s opinions on their delicious brew, considering the only opinion one could possibly have is that it is delicious, yummo, tip-top, Very Good Beer, but nobody’s going to say no to a free t-shirt (it’s always a free t-shirt).

All you need to do to get involved is head to the link below and spend two minutes (not exactly hard work) filling out a survey. Suitable applicants will be contacted in the coming days to participate in sessions being held across the country.

Check it out