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8 Spots for the Best Brazilian BBQ in Sydney

With a bubbling multicultural community, it’s little wonder the best Brazilian BBQ restaurants in Sydney are a hive of activity. The sights, sounds and scents of South America explode on your senses at these hotspots, but more than just flavours, Sydney’s Brazilian barbeque restaurants offer a full experience.

What is Brazilian BBQ?

Brazilian BBQ is a unique eating experience. It’s your favourite thing you’ve never tried. The defining features of Brazilian BBQ are firstly ‘rodízio’ (which means ‘all you can eat’) so get your big hog mouths ready to go to town, and ‘churasco’ a slow-cooking, scrupulous method of preparing skewered meats over hot coals for a mouth watering-ly glorious period of time. Think big on meat, massive on flavour, and delicious on sides.

Best Brazilian BBQ Restaurants in Sydney

With the basics covered, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to give you a lowdown of where you’ll find the best Brazilian BBQ restaurants in Sydney.

braza churrascaria interior

1. Braza Churrascaria

Braza Churrascaria is a solid example of the perfect way to dip your toes into Brazilian BBQ. Offering 20+ meats and an excellent range of sides it could not be easier to get your taste buds around what they’ve got on show. Brazilian BBQ is an event that is entirely worth indulging in, so head into Braza, pay $62, get fed till you can’t eat anymore. Couldn’t be easier.

Address: Darling Quarter, 1 -25 Harbour St, Sydney
Phone: (02) 9572  7921
Hours: Sun – Thurs 12 – 3:300pm / 5 – 9:45pm, Fri – Sat 12 – 3:30pm / 5 – 10:30pm

churrasco coogee bbq

2. Churrasco Coogee

Bringing authentic Brazilian chefs with them, Churrasco Coogee is committed to giving you the best traditional Brazilian BBQ in Coogee. At an entirely reasonable $50 pp there is nothing to fault. How could you turn down the 10 hour Smoked Beef Chuck with Creamy Mushroom Sauce or a 12 hour Smoked Beef Brisket with Churrasco Texas Rub? Combining the beauty of the beach with the beauty of the beefs.

Address: 240 Coogee Bay Rd, Coogee
Phone: (02) 9665 6535
Hours: Mon – Thurs 5 – 9pm, Fri 5 – 10pm, Sat 3 – 10:30pm, Sun 12 – 9pm

brazilian flame bbq grill

3. Brazilian Flame BBQ

Brazilian Flame exists to bring the unique flavours of Brazil to Australian mouths. Bringing strong heart to the proceedings they aim to remind us that food is an accompaniment to good times. Friends and family sharing in it is a major part of the deal too. Though don’t let that make you think they skimp on providing an exceptional taste sensation.

Address: 27/33 Oaks Ave, Dee Why
Phone: (02) 8350 3958
Hours: Mon – Sat 11am – 8pm, Sun 11am – 4pm

bahbq brazilian grill on bbq

4. BahBQ Brazilian Grill

Fusing South American and Australian influences, BahBQ Brazilian Grill slices up the standard cuts, alongside an exceptional cocktail list. The perfect place to sample a Caipirinha if it’s your first time, or an even better refresher if you’ve whetted your whistle with one before. Great drinks, better food.

Address: 35 Albany St, Crows Nest
Phone: (02) 9966 8203
Hours: Tues – Thurs 6 – 10pm, Fri – Sun 5:30 – 10pm

espetus churrascaria bbq steaks on grill

5. Espetus Churrascaria

Espetus Churrascaria highlights the Southern Brazilian, gaucho (think brazilian cowboys), approach to the rodizio experience. They claim a fanatical devotion to high quality meat and ‘special’ cuts. Keen on offering an experience more than a feed, you can get a little bit of everything here.

Address: 60-70 William St, Woolloomooloo
Phone: (02) 9360 6070
Hours: Mon – Sun 5:30 – 10pm

char and co bbq

6. Char & Co

Char & Co attributes a history in Porto Alegre to their ability to create an authentic immersion into the world of the food you’ll get stuck into in their Double Bay venue. Promising a fluid blend of South American and European traditions you’ll find that gorgeous churasco flavour alongside seasonal cocktails and a specialised drinks menu.

Address: 15 Knox St, Double Bay
Phone: (02) 9328 5542
Hours: Tues – Sun 5:30 – 10pm

chama brazilian style bbq and french fries

7. Chama Brazilian Style BBQ

Chama Brazilian BBQ offer some of the best value for money you’ll get on our list. With a stunning $39 pp all you can eat combination of gorgeous meats, salads and antipasto, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better deal short of heading directly to Brazil. A quick look at their website allows you to get a glimpse of the glistening, mouth watering meats you’ll be able to stuff yourself with.

Address: Shop 2/277-281 Kingsway, Caringbah
Phone: (02) 9525 7717
Hours: Tues – Thurs + Sun 6 – 9pm, Fri – Sat 6 – 10pm

boteco manly bbq steak

8. Boteco Manly

Boteco Manly is a one stop shop for good times. An all day happy hour means you’ll never go thirsty, alongside the charred sides you’ll find at all Brazilian BBQ, you can also treat yourself to pastels (little Brazilian meat spring rolls) or coxinha’s (meat croquettes) for a bit of a different flavour sensation.

Address: 32 Blegrave St, Manly
Phone: 0450 663 661
Hours: Tues – Thurs 5 – 9pm, Fri – Sat 11:30am – 9pm, Sun 11:30am – 8pm

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General FAQs

What is the best Brazilian BBQ restaurant in Sydney?

There's such a variety to choose from! Sydney offers a gorgeous range of Brazilian BBQ restaurants and the best one, is the one closest to you.

What food do you get at Brazilian BBQ

Brazilian BBQ involves a many slow cooked barbequed meats. Beef, Chicken, Lamb and Pork feature strongly. Then you'll find South American sides - salads, beans, corn and a speciality - BBQ Pineapple!


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