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Cadbury Creme Egg Stick

Cadbury’s Limited Edition Cadbury Creme Egg Stick is Here

It’s an Easter tradition to indulge in Cadbury’s Crème Eggs. Every Spring, people anxiously await the roll-out of these delectable delights. This year, your choices are getting even better with this treat. Cadbury is releasing a limited edition Cadbury Crème Egg Stick. The new ice cream treat will be released as a four-pack priced at $8.50 and are available through Woolworths.

Cadbury Creme Egg Stick front view box

The Crème Egg Stick is made of vanilla flavoured ice cream with a fondant sauce that is then covered in milk chocolate. If you have fond memories of cracking open the chocolate shell for these candy eggs just so you can lick out the fondant centre before finishing off the chocolate, then you’ll love this new iteration.

As you might expect, these ice cream bars are solidly in the camp of being treats. Just one bar offers 250 kcal, or about 13 percent of your daily allotment. Fat comes in at 14.4 grams—21 per cent of your daily recommended serving—and sugar gets dumped on you to the tune of 24.5 grams, nearly a quarter of the daily recommended amount. That being said, if you’re partaking of these treats you’re not doing so because you’re looking for nutritional value, you’re looking for the sheer joy of having a favourite treat.

Cadbury has explored other varieties of their beloved products, with a whole range of flavours and even designs. The challenge is that these are often just limited time offerings, never to be seen again after time expires. But if enough interest is dredged up, there’s a chance that these ice cream stick versions of the famous Easter treat will make reappearances in future years. If you want to see these products come back again, then you’ll do your level best to get the next generation hooked on these limited edition Cadbury Crème Egg Sticks. Or you can just eat them all yourself, whatever works.

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