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13 top australian food blogs

13 Top Australian Food Blogs

One thing the top Australian food blogs can probably agree on? That our beloved continent has never been as epicurean as it is right now. Indeed, between the explosion of new restaurants, the broad embrace of cultural cuisines and an emerging horde of foodies, Australia is quite simply a great place to get your grub on. Likewise, whether you’re on the prowl for the best places to eat, or aiming to whip up something tasty at home, the best Aussie food blogs guarantee you’ll end up satiated and satisfied. Here are the 13 Top Australian Food Blogs.

RecipeTin Eats
Image: RecipeTin Eats

1. RecipeTin Eats

This top Australian food blog isn’t just a veritable resource for delicious recipes, but a master class in how to make blogging a full-time profession. RecipeTin Eats founder Nagi Maehashi used to work a high paying job in the finance sector before dropping everything to explore her culinary passions. The business world’s loss is our gain, whereas Maehashi’s site is an absolute smorgasborg of creative recipes for virtually every appetite or occasion.

Founder: Nagi Maehashi
Year Started: 2012

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Man of Many
Image: Man of Many

2. Man of Many

Man of Many is your destination for uncovering all the latest news in food, products, culture and style. More than just a lifestyle site, we are a team of creative minded, food enthusiasts with a passion for all five food senses. Our devotion to delivering stories on food and all thing lifestyle is guaranteed to engage, entertain and empower. We have garnered a loyal audience of tastemakers, forward thinkers, and information seekers since we were founded in 2012. So check out all our articles on food, and you might even stumble across something else while you’re at it.

Founders: Scott Purcell, Frank Arthur
Year Started: 2012

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My Korean Kitchen
Image: My Korean Kitchen

3. My Korean Kitchen

Have you ever tried bibimbap? bulgogi beef? kimchi pancakes? stir-fried spicy squid? If not, then you’re missing out, because Korean cuisine is consistently, intensely satisfying. At top Aussie food blog My Korean Kitchen, Brisbane-based Sue offers both traditional Korean and Korean fusion recipes that will knock your socks off. However, we should warn you that if you embark down this delectable path, you might become that guy who never stops talking about food.

Founder: Sue Pressey
Year Started: 2006

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Not Quite Nigella
Image: Not Quite Nigella

4. Not Quite Nigella

Sydney native and published author Lorraine Elliot runs Not Quite Nigella, one of the best Australian food blogs you can find. Lorraine’s enthusiasm and love for food is infectious, as is her utterly gregarious personality. Step into her kitchen for unbeatable recipes or follow her exploits around the city as she reviews Australia’s latest and greatest eating destinations. Either way, you’ll end up full and happy.

Founder: Lorraine Elliott
Year Started: 2007

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How to Cook That
Image: How to Cook That

5. How to Cook That

Youtube star Ann Reardon is a confectionary wizard who apparently never runs out of creative and tasty ideas. On her top Aussie food blog, How to Cook That, Ann dishes up videos, one-page recipes and the occasional product review. If you want to make a dessert that everyone will still be talking about days later, consider Ann’s food blog an indispensable resource.

Founder: Ann Reardon
Year Started: 2011

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Bake Play Smile
Image: Bake Play Smile

6. Bake Play Smile

With a clean layout reminiscent of a high-end bakery, Aussie food blog Bake Play Smile is an absolute sweet tooth haven. Brought to us by former teacher and current mum Lucy, the blog offers traditional dessert classics and inventive originals alike. That’s joined by the occasional and equally exquisite savoury dish. However, it’s ultimately about those legendary desserts, which taste as good as they look. No-bake Kahlua Cheesecake Balls, anyone?

Founder: Lucy Mathieson
Year Started: 2013

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Sugar Et Al
Image: Sugar Et Al

7. Sugar Et Al

At Sugar Et Al, you’ll discover the kind of mouthwatering desserts that take pastry making to its furthest artistic extreme. The photography here is one of a kind, as if you’re flipping through the pages of a distinguished and long-running epicurean magazine. Not only is this one of the best Aussie food blogs on the Internet, it’s practically sugar porn.

Founder: Sonali Ghosh
Year Started: 2013

Check it out Instagram

Image: Wandercooks

8. Wandercooks

Laura and Sarah started their blog on recommendation from family and friends. They were first-hand witnesses of Laura and Sarah’s 6 months challenge to cook a different recipe every single night. So astounded were their friends and family that they encouraged the duo to create a blog and share what they’d learned. Thank god they did, because now we can all bask in their foodie discoveries and favourite delicious creations. It all started in 2015 when they set off on the biggest adventure of their lives – 12 months to discover new cuisines and recreate delicious world recipes from 100+ cities in 30+ countries. Along their journey, they stayed with locals as much as possible. Some might call it ‘couch surfing’, but the pair prefer to call it ‘cook surfing’, where they learnt a recipe or two. Thanks to the Wandercooks we get to share some of the same experiences and lessons they learnt on their journey from the comfort of our own home.

Founders: Laura and Sarah
Year Started: 2015

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The World Loves Melbourne
Image: The World Loves Melbourne

9. The World Loves Melbourne

If it’s happening in Melbourne and worth tasting or attending, The World Loves Melbourne is all over it like soy sauce on rice. In addition to providing coverage of all the best restaurants, hotels and bars, the leading lifestyle site occasionally hosts its own premier foodie events.

Founder: David Hagger
Year Started: 2011

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2 Hungry Guys
Image: 2 Hungry Guys

10. 2 Hungry Guys

Their names are Joe and Luke, they live in Sydney, and they’re 2 Hungry Guys. That unconquerable hunger brings them to all the best spots in the city and beyond. From burger joints to noodle bars to cocktail lounges, these two handsome fellas are stuffing their faces in style and taking pictures to prove it. Each adventure is then thrown up on their blog and joined by professional, approachable writing. You’ll definitely want to hang with the 2 Hungry Guys after visiting their Instagram!

Founder: Joe Tavella, Luke Calopedos


He Needs Food
Image: He Needs Food

11. He Needs Food

When he’s not covering the local scene in Sydney, the host of top Aussie Instagram blog ‘He Needs Food’ is travelling the world and stopping to taste everything. That means cheap eats and haute cuisine and everything in between. It’s all brought to Internet life by way of brilliant photography and informative writing. Every now and then, you can also find a killer recipe idea to make at home.

Year Started: 2009


What Katie Ate
Image: What Katie Ate

12. What Katie Ate

Her name is Katie Quinn Davies and she makes Australia proud with her contagious love of food, photography and travel. And if you’re wondering What Katie Ate exactly, she’s more than happy to tell you. Just buy one of her books or head on over to her food blog, which is easily among Australia’s best.

Founder: Katie Quinn Davies
Year Started: 2010

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Cafe Delites
Image: Cafe Delites

13. Cafe Delites

Cafe Delites comes to us from the lovely Karina, a published cookbook author with the ability to invoke hunger through the power of pictures alone. Thankfully, Karina is all too willing to share the painless and frequently healthy recipes behind every photogenic creation. In the meantime, do your best to avoid licking the screen when visiting this top Australian food blog.

Founder: Karina Carrel
Year Started: 2014

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