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PSA: We’re Now @manofmany on Instagram!

We’re now @manofmany on Instagram! While we are still very much men of many tastes, serving the world the best in products, culture and style, the time has come to retire our former Instagram handle and graduate into a new era as @manofmany. Instagram isn’t the only way you can keep up with us, either – we’re all over the social sphere, with something for everybody. From burping challenges that’d give Mufasa a run for his money on our TikTok page, to beautifully shot videos on our YouTube channel, expertly curated collections on Pinterest and of course all the latest links to our articles on Twitter.

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Image: Man of Many

Keep an eye out on social for more product unboxing, in-depth reviews, fun TikTok challenges and maybe even a livestream here and there. We’ve got plenty of exciting content up our sleeves, so if you’re not following along, you’d better jump on board now.

Here’s how you can keep up to date with all things Man of Many:

No doubt there’ll be new social platforms and apps popping up left, right and centre, but you can count on us to be on top of it. Let us know what you’d love to see more of – more sneakers? Million-dollar watches? Irreverent memes? Fashion advice? Drop us a line in the social comments or DMs with any feedback, suggestions or just to say G’day.

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Image: Man of Many