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seed daily probiotic available in Australia

Seed Synbiotic Review: Probiotic Now in Australia & NZ

Seed is the US-based health sciences company shaking up the $50 billion probiotics market with a daily product that’s actually backed by research and clinical trials. A daily dose of Seed is said to improve digestion, metabolism and the immune system while supporting a healthy heart. Best of all, Seed is finally shipping to Australia and New Zealand.

There’s currently debate on whether daily supplements and probiotics have any real health benefits. Particularly in the US, where the products are mostly unregulated. Seed differs from the rest as the company is led by a team of over 13 doctors including World Health Organization Experts who conducted 23 human clinical trials across the globe with proven results before going to market.

Seed combines over 20 probiotic strains with a new class of organic, plant-based prebiotics sourced from Indian pomegranate and Scandinavian chaga and pine bark. Probiotic plus prebiotic equals the patented Seed “synbiotic.”

seed proven probiotic

“Based on 35 years of research and work in the microbial sciences, the daily synbiotic marks the evolution of probiotics and represents the true potential of beneficial microbes for human health,” said Dr Gregor Reid, Chief Scientist at Seed.

“The Daily Synbiotic was developed for systemic benefits beyond digestive health, including cardiovascular, dermatological, immune, metabolic, and reproductive health.”

Seed goes beyond human health by employing a Sustainable Refill System to be gentler on our Earth. Available as an online subscription, the first month’s Welcome Kit includes a glass jar and complimentary travel vial shipped in a mushroom-grown tray. Each refill is shipped in a compostable pouch, further protected by a dissolvable corn insulator.

seed probiotic notes

Australia and New Zealand customers may also opt into Seed’s Sustainable Transport Program for 90-day refills instead of standard 30-day refills to help reduce shipping. Seed is not cheap. Monthly refills cost around AUD $71 plus shipping. The quarterly refills include a discount and free shipping, so there’s some money to be saved.

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