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6 Ways These Doctor-Recommended Vibrators Improve Your Health

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Here’s a wild guess: health improvement is on your shortlist of New Year’s resolutions. Before you look up the nearest gym memberships—complete with an inescapable contract—consider an enticing alternative that’s also far more pleasurable by comparison: vibrators. That’s right, we said vibrators, specifically the ones from sexual wellness company MysteryVibe. Not only can these award-winning, FDA-registered sex toys improve sexual health and overall well-being, but they’re doctor-recommended to help tackle modern health issues such as erectile dysfunction (ED), vaginal dryness, and pelvic pain. Call it pleasure with a purpose and a New Year’s resolution you can actually keep, for once.

Here are six ways in which MysteryVibe’s vibrators can improve sexual health for men and women alike. Educate yourself and then take 25 per cent off during the brand’s ongoing January sale.

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Tenuto 2 | Image: MysteryVibe

Tackle Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Start the year strong by rising to every occasion with the clinically proven male vibrators Tenuto 2 and Tenuto Mini, both of which help tackle ED. While ED can be caused by multiple factors, poor blood flow to the penis is among the most common. MysteryVibe’s award-winning wearable vibrators for men make it easier to get hard by targeting this very symptom. Designed to be worn on the base of the penis, Tenuto 2 and Tenuto Mini send powerful vibrations to key erogenous zones to increase blood flow to the penis and in Tenuto 2’s case, the perineum as well.

Not only do these vibes stimulate circulation, but they also enhance sensation, turbocharging your pleasure and heightening sexual desire. Meanwhile, the snug fit restricts blood to keep you long and strong. The result? Rock-hard erections that you can maintain for as long as you need for sex or masturbation. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, both products also offer 16 intensity levels, a catalogue of vibration patterns, and a smartphone app where you can individually customise each motor or create vibration patterns of your own. Whether you opt for Tenuto 2 or the compact, travel-friendly Tenuto Mini, you can get it up even when you’re down.

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Tenuto Mini l MysteryVibe

Combat Performance Anxiety

Get out of your head and back into bed with the game changers Tenuto 2 and Tenuto Mini. Performance anxiety can be a vicious cycle to break once activated. If you’ve had a few ups and downs with your erections, you may worry about getting hard, staying hard, and pleasing your partner. More than a mood killer, the adjoining stress can prevent you from getting an erection…but not if you have wearable male vibrators designed to maximise sexual performance.

As we mentioned above, the powerful vibrations from both Tenuto 2 and Tenuto Mini stimulate blood flow and increase sensation to deliver firmer erections. What’s more, the built-in motors and targeted vibrations will arouse your partner’s clitoris and vulva at the same time. Combine that with a comfortable, ergonomic fit and you’ll be starting strong, going long, and pleasing your partner all at once. Enjoy rock-solid confidence and a rock-hard experience with the smarter solution to performance-related anxiety. That’s the power of Tenuto 2 and its compact brethren Tenuto Mini.

Molto l MysteryVibe

Elevate Prostate Health

Improve your prostate health with the only ultra-slim, ultra-flexible prostate vibrator: Molto. Your prostate plays a pivotal role in your sexual health, but issues like prostatitis, inflammation of the prostate, and a build-up of prostatic fluid become increasingly common with age. Molto can help with these issues in a safe, discreet, and supremely pleasurable way. This ultra-flexible anal vibrator bends to send powerful vibrations directly to your prostate, helping release the build-up of prostatic fluid for better ejaculation and improved erectile function.

With its ergonomic, ultra-slim design—measuring the width of a finger—Molto makes prostate health more accessible to men who don’t want large, girthy sex toys inside their anus, but still want the benefits of prostate massage and stimulation. And what better way to improve your prostate health than with a mind-blowing prostate orgasm to match? Hey, don’t knock it until you try it—there’s a reason they call the prostate the male G-spot. Coupled with 16 intensity levels, pre-programmed vibration patterns, and a smart app that lets you customize and create vibes, Molto is what we like to call a win/win in the world of sexual health.

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Crescendo 2 l MysteryVibe

Increase Sexual Arousal

Take your sex life from ‘eh’ to ‘OH MY GOD’ by increasing her sexual arousal with the science-backed Crescendo 2 vibrator. It’s not uncommon for couples to have mismatched libidos, but there are ways to increase her arousal and they all start with sexual responsiveness. Most women have responsive sexual desire, which means they only become aroused when responding to stimuli. Crescendo 2 elevates female arousal at every bend, quite literally. Built to mimic the curl of human fingers, this ultra-bendable vibrator can reach and arouse erogenous zones neither of you knew she had!

Being that every woman’s body is unique, Crescendo 2 is designed to be adaptable to her unique contours. It bends into multiple shapes to find the singular spots that make her toes curl. Pair its bendability with six motors that deliver powerful, targeted vibrations to her pleasure points and you’re looking at the potential for truly explosive orgasms. This is because Crescendo 2’s vibrations stimulate better blood flow to increase sensation, sexual responsiveness, and you guessed it, arousal.

But it doesn’t end there. Because every woman responds to stimuli differently, Crescendo 2 is made to be fully customisable with a catalog of vibration patterns, 16 intensity levels, and a smart app that lets you create a custom vibe or control her pleasure remotely. With so many options, you’re sure to arouse her in ways she never thought possible.

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Crescendo 2 | Image: MysteryVibe

Reduce Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness can seriously hinder intimacy because when lubrication is lacking, sex can be uncomfortable and painful, leading many women to avoid sex altogether. The medically designed Crescendo 2 is here to champion her pleasure so you can both enjoy having sex again. Whether your partner’s vaginal dryness is due to menopause, childbirth, medication, or other reasons, Crescendo 2’s potent vibrations and award-winning bendability can help you reclaim your sex life.

Featuring six powerful end-to-end motors, Crescendo 2 sends targeted vibrations to all her erogenous zones—inside and out—stimulating blood flow and enhancing sensation, which helps increase arousal and lubrication. The vibrator is also designed to mimic the bend of human fingers, allowing you to target multiple pleasure zones at the same time (like her G-spot and clitoris) and provide blended stimulation. Rounding out its performance charms are 16 different intensity levels, a catalog of vibration patterns, and the ability to create custom vibes. Now that she can feel pleasure again, you better believe she’s going to want to share it with you.

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MysteryVibe App l MysteryVibe

Relieve Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain can put a real cramp on your sex life, no pun intended. Even when the desire is there, intercourse might be painful for your partner, making it difficult for her to engage. Many women suffer from pelvic pain for a variety of different reasons such as menopause and childbirth, and sometimes the pain is enough to keep women from believing they can ever enjoy sex again.

Thankfully, there’s a doctor-recommended, clinically proven solution to her pelvic pain: the bendable vibrator Crescendo 2. Bendability is more than a marketing term, by the way. With finger-like flexibility comes precise vibrations, which can target the pain points in her pelvic floor, both internally and externally. These medically-optimised vibrations help relax and release the pelvic floor, stimulating blood flow and turning painful sensations into pleasurable ones. The 16 intensity levels, catalog of vibration patterns, and smart app integration take the personalisation factor that much higher. Use Crescendo 2 to reclaim your sex life and be her hero in the process.

Health and pleasure are intrinsically linked and no one understands that better than sexual health company MysteryVibe. Whether it’s enhancing performance, boosting pleasure, or addressing health concerns like ED and pelvic pain, the brand’s award-winning vibrators are your key to a more fulfilling sex life. Don’t just dream of better sex; make it a reality by experiencing the transformative power of the doctor-recommended vibrators Tenuto 2, Tenuto Mini, Molto, and Crescendo 2, available at 25 per cent off during MysteryVibe’s January sale. Happy New Year indeed!

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