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Science Reveals Health Benefits of Oral Sex

Performing cunnilingus is an excellent recreation for myriad reasons, from pure hedonism to the warm feeling inside you get from feeling that you’ve contributed to the world’s net supply of happiness. But there’s even better news for those of us whose enthusiasm for oral sex knows no bounds: cunnilingus basically counts as health food.

Yep, it’s true: going down is officially, medically, actually good for you. Specifically, because a woman’s vagina is full of lovely lactobacillus, a bacteria that grows to regulate the pH levels down there. Lactobacillus produces lactic acid, which although a painful substance when it pops up in your quads during a fun run, is very useful in a vagina as it keeps the pH of vaginal fluid at 4.5, right where it should be.

How does this benefit the generous lover? Well, lactobacillus can also be found in your gut: it’s one of those “Good Bacteria” you’re always hearing about, those friendly microbes that aid digestion and prevent your gastro system going all out of whack that scientists call “Probiotics”.

It’s pretty popular nowadays to ingest extra probiotics to keep your gut healthy – supermarket shelves are packed with products that purport to balance out your gut bacteria. But now that you know those probiotics are to be found in a lady’s lady area, why waste your money on commercial concoctions? You’ve got an all-natural probiotic solution waiting for you – and you’ve got to admit: it comes with fringe benefits.

Ben Pobjie

Ben Pobjie

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