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How to Overcome Performance Anxiety and Have Great Sex

In Partnership with MysteryVibe

Picture this—you’re lying in bed next to a beautiful woman. She leans over and begins to kiss your face, moving up your jawline until her lips arrive at yours. You’re soon kissing passionately and exploring each other’s bodies. The lights are dimmed just so and the mood is oh-so right. Now she’s pulling down your boxers and straddling you. This is happening and it’s the greatest thing in the world. You know what comes next…except you can’t get it up.

Even if you’ve never been in this situation before, you might live in fear of its very possibility. However, there’s a second part of the story you haven’t heard yet. It comes when you lean over and grab a performance anxiety remedy from your bedroom dresser drawer: a vibrator. And not just any vibrator, but a clinically proven vibrator from MysteryVibe that’s designed to banish bedroom anxiety for good. Welcome back to the pleasuredome!

Whether it’s Tenuto 2, the male vibrator designed to get you hard and keep you hard, or Crescendo 2, the unisex vibrator that bends in more ways than the Kama Sutra, these sex toys will rock your respective and collective worlds for now and many sessions to come. Oh, and did we mention they’re both currently available at a generous discount as part of MysteryVibe’s early Black Friday event? Here’s how they work.

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Crescendo 2 | Image: MysteryVibe

Get Rock-Solid Confidence and Rock-Hard Erections

Rise up to any sexual occasion with a rock-hard erection—no matter what the scenario—with the award-winning couple’s vibrator Tenuto 2. Most of the time, erectile dysfunction (ED) isn’t a problem with the piping—it’s in your head. Maybe it’s your first time with a beautiful woman and you’re so eager to ‘perform’ that your nerves keep you down. Or perhaps you’re physically drained and stressed out after a long workday and in need of an extra boost. Or it could be that you’re on certain medications that make it difficult to get hard and stay hard.

Whatever the situation, Tenuto 2 is designed for him with her pleasure in mind. It sits comfortably at the base of your penis—like a traditional cock ring—to restrict blood flow for longer-lasting erections. Meanwhile, four strategically placed motors send powerful vibrations across the length of your penis and perineum, increasing sensation to keep your erection firm and full. Experience some of the strongest and longest erections of your life as you build up toward an unforgettable orgasm.

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Tenuto 2 | Image: MysteryVibe

Make Her Come First (and Multiple Times)

Most performance anxiety is based on the fear of not being able to live up to someone’s expectations or deliver the ‘Big O’ to your partner. While you’re quite capable of pleasing her, those anxious ‘what-if’ thoughts can make it hard to focus. Give yourself time to get into the right headspace by using Crescendo 2, the bendable vibrator, to heighten her arousal and extend foreplay.

Women typically take longer than men to get fully aroused so she’ll appreciate the extended foreplay, and so will you once you see how much extra pleasure can be induced by Crescendo 2. Get her warmed up with dual clitoral and G-spot stimulation using the special vibe you programmed just for her on the free smartphone app. Blindfold her and tease her nipples with gentle, slow vibrations. Edge her with full-throttle intensity until you’re up and ready to go. Bend the product into near-infinite shapes to adapt to her unique anatomy, using its six end-to-end motors to send toe-curling vibrations to multiple erogenous zones.

Let’s also remember that Tenuto 2 delivers simultaneous pleasure to both partners and therefore makes for a trusty alternative to Crescendo 2. Use it to last longer while the three front motors stimulate her clitoris to amplify her sexual pleasure. Most women need clitoral stimulation during penetration to orgasm, but hands between bodies can sometimes ruin the mood. Tenuto 2 solves that problem in the best possible way by inducing deep hands-free pleasure. Go stronger and longer as you give her that ‘Big O’ over and over again.

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Crescendo 2 | Image: MysteryVibe

Improve Sexual Stamina (Two Different Ways)

Every man wants to last longer during sex, which can manifest itself as a performance anxiety-related fear. Here you have two solutions with two different vibrators. If you finished faster than you wanted, pull out Crescendo 2 and turn the spotlight on her. The product’s unparalleled flexibility and powerful vibrations expertly arouse well-known erogenous zones like the clitoris and G-spot, but also hidden erogenous zones like the A-spot and C-spot. Not only does focusing on her pleasure make you the most considerate male partner she’s ever had, but it also gives you the time to work up a second wind and then pick up where you left off.

Option two is Tenuto 2. This award-winning male vibrator helps you maintain a harder erection for longer periods of time. Its cutting-edge design and flexible but snug fit turbocharges the principle of a cock ring, boosting sexual stamina and powerful vibrations to improve both pleasure and performance. Keep it going until she has as many orgasms as she wants, courtesy of your harder erection plus the sensational vibrations coming from Tenuto 2’s front motors to her clitoris.

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Tenuto 2 | Image: MysteryVibe

Intensify Orgasms

While an orgasm isn’t the only goal of sex, it’s still an important part of the sexual experience, to the point that your inability to induce one can lead to performance anxiety. However, that’ll never be your concern when you have either Crescendo 2 or Tenuto 2 at your disposal. Made to complement and intensify your sex life, these doctor-recommended vibrators are scientifically proven to increase circulation and enhance sensation. Use Crescendo 2’s targeted vibrations on her clitoris and G-spot to give her a beautiful, blended orgasm. Or increase the sensitivity on your penis by pressing Crescendo 2 along your shaft and perineum, tapping into an underrated pleasure point for an elevated orgasm of your own.

Tenuto 2 is likewise your gateway to mutual pleasure in the bedroom. Come together for a climactic couple’s orgasm as it stimulates your penis, perineum, and her clitoris, all while your rock-hard erection hits her G-spot. At the same time, powerful, pinpointed vibrations are landing in targeted areas with laser-sharp precision. Who knew there was an actual science behind ‘good vibes?’ MysteryVibe did, and they are harnessing cutting-edge innovation to help you keep the ‘mystery’ alive in the bedroom with more intense orgasms for both of you.

Don’t let performance anxiety keep you down. Instead, get out of your head and back into bed with Tenuto 2 or Crescendo 2. The best part (other than stronger erections and explosive orgasms) is that these award-winning vibrations are on sale for a limited time as part of MysteryVibe’s early Black Friday event. Save 25% on the male vibrator Tenuto 2 and 30% on the doctor-recommended, bendable vibrator Crescendo 2. Here’s to all the good vibes coming your way and hers too.