Airbus Introduces a New Business Class Seat, or is it a Sofa?

Technically called a “Settee Corner” chair, Airbus’s new business class seating closely resembles a couch for improved comfort on those long flights. The new seats can give your couch at a home a run for its money. The couches recline lounge style, and is meant to provide a comfortable sleeping position—just like your couch at home.

airbus business class seat

The idea comes from a collaboration between Airbus and seat manufacturer Geven. Taking the three-seat configuration of economy class, the team added some luxury. Using that configuration was a smart move, as its familiar set up could translate into a faster transition between concept and production.

Included in the seat is stowage room, an overhead locker, an entertainment screen, and a tray table. The sofa measures 185 centimetres in length, so a sleeping position is possible. There’s a safety belt for take-off and landing, and a second belt for when you’re sleeping. The extra space also allows for visitors to sit with you and enjoy a cocktail or a conversation.

airbus business class seats

The curved design allows for a sense of privacy, but there is still plenty of access for passengers and crew. There’s also the option of adding in a screen for complete privacy. All of these changes not only benefit the passenger, but also the airlines. The new chair is 30 to 50 per cent lighter than other chairs, which translates into fuel savings for the planes. But the real story is how happy customers will be during long flights—a smart move for airlines.

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