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Samsonite and Casper Ruud Return Serve With Stunning Lime Green Proxis

In Partnership with Samsonite

He’s already Norway’s highest-ranked player of all time, but tennis dynamo Casper Ruud is just getting started. Fresh off an explosive 12 months that saw him claim a tenth career title at the 2023 Estoril Open, the ATP No.11 is ready to take on the world, and he’s got the perfect partner by his side.

To kick off an action-packed new season, Ruud has reaffirmed his partnership with fellow world champion, Samsonite. With over 110 years of success at the highest level, the global leader in luggage has effortlessly bridged the gap between luxury travel accessory and lifestyle essential. In 2024, Samsonite and Ruud are taking things to all new levels, unveiling an electrifying new take on the brand’s best-selling Proxis suitcase. Arriving with the full force of a thunderous forehand, the new Lime Green Proxis is impossible to miss and, as Ruud explains, the ultimate peace of mind on the road.

“In the past when I didn’t use Samsonite, I would always ask if the airline could put the ‘fragile’ sign on the bag, but now I don’t need to anymore. I’ve never had anything break during my travels with Samsonite bags – so it’s great,” Ruud tells me.

“I’m playing tennis and travelling around the world for most of the year and I love it. Because of this, I need durable luggage that makes it easy for me to get around and also looks good at the same time.”

Tennis star Casper Ruud fronting the new Samsonite Proxis campaign | Image: Supplied
Tennis star Casper Ruud fronting the new Samsonite Proxis campaign | Image: Supplied

Samsonite x Casper Ruud

The updated Lime Green collection marks a bold new look for Samsonite’s best-selling Proxis line. The award-winning luggage range is crafted from the brand’s unique Roxkin™ material, a hyper-resilient shell that bounces back into shape while maintaining the utmost strength. Much like the Ruud himself, the slimline case packs a punch despite its slender frame. Inside the Proxis, you’ll find two spacious compartments with the 75cm spinner capable of holding a whopping 98 litres of storage.

”Suitcases have become a fashion statement, so why not play and have fun with it?”

It also features the classic Samsonite smooth double wheel design, alongside a TSA lock with kissing sliders for security and a USB charging port for the ultimate in convenience. But perhaps the new Proxis’ most daring feature, is the colourway. A striking lime green pattern with a stunning textured finish, there is no mistaking this case when it comes around the carousel.

“It stands out. I get a lot of looks when I’m at the airport waiting for the bags,” Ruud laughs. “I love having four wheels. I can easily handle it everywhere, and it has a cool design. It sort of looks like a snake, like a python almost. And also I think it resembles a bit of a tennis ball, which is perfect in my case”

Samsonite Proxis in Lime Green | Image: Supplied
Samsonite Proxis in Lime Green | Image: Supplied

The Right Trajectory

After six years on the world tour, the Oslo-born, Snarøya-based tennis star is no stranger to airports and shuttle buses; such is the life of a travelling sportsman. But over the years, Casper Ruud has gotten better at it. The globe-trotting sportsman spends up to 285 days a year abroad and covered a whopping 155,000 kms across 18 countries in 2023 alone. 

“When your childhood dream becomes a reality and you can live off it, it’s really fun,” he explains. “It is more hectic and more travel than I originally thought being a tennis professional would be, but I’ve gotten used to it. The toughest part is the jet lag, going from one place to the other, getting used to different time zones, but it’s also something you learn to deal with.”

As Ruud reveals, the secret to staying calm in competition is making sure his preparation is on-point and that starts well before he ever steps foot on the court.

“Every journey starts with ambition,” he explains. “Pushing harder, reaching goals, no matter what. So I did. Travelling is a big part of my life and I want to stay comfortable without compromising on my style. Samsonite is perfect for it. I have these two huge cases so that I can bring everything in; my clothes, my equipment, everything that I need to be able to play well.”

Samsonite x casper ruud 3
Samsonite Proxis in Lime Green | Image: Supplied

Consistency On and Off the Court

As the Norweigan tennis star explains, being able to rely on his gear makes everything just that little bit easier. Knowing he has the most durable footwear, the perfect racquet and the best training material at arm’s reach means fewer worries and more time to focus on the important things. The athlete is meticulous with his preparation, an approach that gives him the confidence to perform at his best day in and day out.

It’s that same mentality that led Ruud to Samsonite. For over a century, the world leader in luggage has built a reputation for reliability, durability and innovation. Designed to tackle any of life’s adventures, the robust portfolio of suitcases and carry bags ensures that your journeys remain seamless, stylish, and always well-packed, and Ruud would know. As the World No.11 explains, trust in your tools is key no matter what you do; Game, set and match.

“It’s really important knowing that we can rely on the equipment to be there when we arrive,” he says. “You don’t have to sit on the flight and worry that when you get to the destination, the bag is broken or the equipment inside is broken. That’s a very positive thing. You can focus on all the other important stuff.”

Casper Ruud with Samsonite Australia Vice President Ari Priester | Image: Supplied
Casper Ruud with Samsonite Australia Vice President Ari Priester | Image: Supplied

The Journey Down Under

When you rack up 155,000 kms travelling across a calendar year, you be forgiven for losing your sense of wanderlust, but not Ruud. The Norweigan star has made the journey halfway across the globe to celebrate the launch of the new Lime Green Proxis, meeting up with Aussie fans at an exclusive in-store event at MYER Bourke Street on January 12.

“When you play a big match, you know that you have some fans out there, but it’s not too often I get to meet them up close and personal,“ Ruud says. “It’s part of the reason why we love to do this; the fans. They’re encouraging and great to have around. If they were no fans, it wouldn’t be as fun.”

Samsonite Proxis in Lime Green | Image: Supplied
Samsonite Proxis in Lime Green | Image: Supplied

Meet the New Proxis

With Ruud coming off one of his best seasons on the ATP Tour, the sky is the limit for the Norweigan star and Samsonite is making sure he gets there in style. What’s more, we’re all on board for the journey. The new campaign is set to serve as the brand’s biggest and most ambitious to date, rolled out on over 500 screens across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane over the next four weeks. 

The new Samsonite Proxis suitcase in Lime Green was launched on the 12th of January on the Samsonite website. Available in three sizes, alongside the classic Black and Silver colourways, the updated Proxis is priced at AUD$649 for the 55cm Spinner, AUD$949 for the 75cm Spinner and AUD$999 for the 81cm Spinner. 

Best of all, the new Proxis luggage comes with a limited 10-year global and free personalisation covered. If you want to travel the world in grand slam style, take a leaf out of Casper Ruud’s book and join the Samsonite family.