My Little Daisy Hotel Converted to a Mansion

What do you do with a hotel in Jerome, Arizona? Convert it into a luxury private estate. The My Little Daisy Hotel was first built in 1919 by copper tycoon James “Rawhide Jimmy” Douglas. The 40-room hotel was located at the entrance of the Little Daisy Mine, which is famous for producing over $1 billion in copper by 1950. Douglas used the hotel first for guests, and then later for miners.

little daisy dining area

The hotel was sold to William Earl Bell, the creator of the first atomic clock, who held onto it until 1995, when it was put on the market. Over the last nine years, the property has been renovated, reviving its old world charm. Modern amenities were added, and the 12,000 square foot hotel was turned into a mansion.

kitchen area little daisy mansion

The 40 rooms were turned into eight bedrooms, seven baths, an expansive entertainment spaces, 2,900 square feet of interior porches, a rooftop garden, and a large workshop and garage space. There’s also a wine cellar and a bar. All the rooms enjoy the spectacular views of Jerome, Cleopatra Hill, Verde Valley, Sedona red rocks, and the rest of Arizona landscape. The mansion sits on nearly 3.5 acres. The mansion is being listed for $6,200,000.

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walkway daisy hotel mansion

entrance section little daisy hotel

evening view little daisy mansion

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