Uber to Launch uberPOOL Group Ride Sharing in Sydney

James Corden may have tarnished the phrase “carpool” with his tacky sing-a-long videos featuring A-list celebs, but ridesharing pioneer (and Silicon Valley behemoth) Uber is here to change that, by saving you up to 50% on your next UberX fare–by sharing it with a complete stranger.

Launching in Sydney next Tuesday, before eventually rolling out across the rest of Australia, uberPOOL is one of the company’s cleverest services, in that multiple riders can share the same car when heading in the same direction, bringing the price down for all concerned parties.

Slightly different to UberX in that riders walk a short distance to a pickup spot pre-determined through the app, based on when and where the driver will be, uberPOOL is beneficial in many ways. Apart from the obvious coin riders will save each time they share their trip, it provides a more consistent and stable income for driver partners, and also means fewer cars on the road, which is great for both the city as a whole, and the environment.

While some might be reluctant at first to share their car with a complete stranger, it’s important to note that that is literally the definition of Uber in the first place, and that San Francisco Uber trips are now 40% uberPOOL bookings.

Who knows–you might even make a new friend. Just hope that James Corden isn’t your driver.

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