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A hand using EO blaster on a shoe

Egret EO Blaster Sterilizes, Deodorizes, and Purifies

Most sanitizing sprays rely on harsh chemicals to get the job done. Sure, they kill the bacteria, but they just might be killing you in the process as well. And do they actually get things clean? Sometimes. What’s needed is a reliable cleaning product that’s safe and simple to use. That’s where Egret comes in. Their EO Blaster is 100 percent natural and non-toxic, and it effectively kills germs and removes bad smells in just seconds.

Egret EO Blaster

The EO Blaster uses a patented technology called Electrolyzed water (EO). The spray works by passing electricity through a saltwater mixture. This process is safe, sterile, and non-toxic, and because it’s just saltwater, it’s also eco-friendly. EO water exterminates 99.95 percent of viruses and germs just by coming in contact with them, and it “literally blows up bacteria by breaking its outer cells and bursting it with water.”

home spray Egret EO Blaster

Egret’s Blaster is simple to use as well, just mix a tablespoon of salt with tap water in the Blaster and then wait 60 seconds. The mechanism lasts for up to three years before you need to buy replacement electrodes. By not having to buy new plastic containers of more cleaners, you’re helping to reduce the amount of plastic waste and chemicals by 85 percent.

Using the Blaster is simple as well. Just pull the trigger and the blaster lets out a mist of electrolyzed water. You can spray the water on everything—clothes, carpets, furniture, shoes, even baby products such as toys and bottles. It works in the kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, and your car. If you’ve got a funk in the air, you can use the Blaster like a deodorizer to clear out the air. In fact, you can even use it like an air purifier to help remove TVOC and PM2.5 particles.

Egret’s EO Blaster is the cleaning solution that you’ve been looking for—no harsh chemicals, no wasted plastic, and all the cleaning purifying power you could possibly want in a simple to use blaster.

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