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Evercharge cove on wall

EverCharge COVE is the Design-Conscience EV Charger We’ve Always Wanted

Introducing the COVE, EverCharge’s first single-family home charging solution. Offering a sleek, sustainable, cutting-edge design to single-family homes, EverCharge, a leading provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging devices and management systems, is changing the game regarding the next generation of EV drivers and their charging needs. 

COVE is flexible, and with most EV charging taking place at home, the device’s easy-to-install nature (indoors or outdoors) is a godsend in terms of convenience and accessibility. It is reliable – UL listed for safety, backed by a 1-year warranty and compatible with all EVs – affordable and fits seamlessly into drivers’ everyday lives. What more could you want? 

To make life even easier, you can see the charging status, overall usage and system updates in real time via both Wi-Fi connectivity as well as the EverCharge app. 

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Evercharge cove
EverCharge COVE | Image: Supplied

CEO of EverCharge, Jason Appelbaum notes, “At EverCharge, we are committed to ensuring every community can participate in the transition to electric mobility – and single-family home charging options are critical to empowering drivers to charge when and where they need.”

“COVE is designed to transform the single-family charging experience by providing an intelligent combination of power and flexibility, paired with a beautiful and sustainable design. We’re proud to continue accelerating the path to achieving global electrification goal.”

With today’s demand for more sustainable options in all realms, COVE makes it easier for many people to access electrical vehicle charging, and in turn, electric vehicles. The sustainable mindset of the brand is always driving its innovation and approach to design, and we can only commend EverCharge for doing so. Now, all we have to do is save up for that electric car that we’ve been dreaming of.

COVE was launched at the world’s most influential tech event, CES 2023, and is available for purchase at the link below.

Evercharge cove on wall in black
EverCharge COVE | Image: Supplied

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