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samsung cube refrigerator

Samsung Introduces a Modular Cube Refrigerator

Samsung has released a new line of lifestyle home appliances for CES 2020, and leading out in the lineup is the Cube Refrigerator. This new line of appliances is set to “reinvent daily tasks, empowering people to spend their time focusing on the things they love, with the people the love, in a space they love.”

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Harry Choi, the Senior Vice President of Digital Appliance Design Team and Lifestyle Labs, Samsung Electronics, said, “At Samsung, our goal is to develop home appliances designed for the way we live now—appliances that blend modern design with innovative new technologies. With these products, that’s exactly what we’re giving our consumers—the ability to choose from several home appliances that make their home lives more convenient, more connected, and more meaningful.” To achieve that vision, the lifestyles line is customizable. With the Cube Refrigerator, you can put together a refrigerator that reflects your personal style though selecting materials and colors. The Cube Refrigerator also comes with Flex Zone, which allows you to customize the functions of your fridge with compartments that can be used as either a fridge or a freezer. The Cube Refrigerator Series also offers three models of small refrigerators: Wine, Beer, and Beauty. These refrigerators are completely modular and can be used in just about any décor you can imagine. Because they’re stackable, you can also configure them however best suits your style. Plus, you can use them in any room—from the kitchen, to the living room, to the game room, to the bedroom. The bedroom? Yes, thanks to the “special cooling technology” used in the cubes, the refrigerators run almost completely silent, without any of the whirring sounds most fridges make.

Samsung’s new line of smart appliances are meant to help you live the life you want to live, instead of the life that is mandated by your appliances.

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