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Koala modern sofa in blue heeler copy

The Koala Modern Sofa is Ethical, Sustainable and Oh-So Comfy

While it’s not exactly breaking news that Australia’s favourite mattress brand expanded its ultra-comfy offering from the bedroom to the rest of the house, this is the first time that we’ve actually tried one of their sofas for ourselves. Before getting our hands on Koala’s Modern Sofa, we already knew how good the brand’s mattresses were and that its Sofa Beds carry the acclaimed title of #1 Rated Sofa Bed Range in Australia – so off to a very promising start right? Right. Let’s get into it.

Koala modern sofa copy

Top Pick: Overall – The Modern Sofa with Chaise

The Modern Sofa is the one we’re currently trialling and can say straight off the bat, it really ticks all the boxes of what you would want from a sofa, which is great because before receiving it, we had high expectations that it would be of the same quality and comfort that Koala’s mattresses are so well known for.

When the order was placed, we received a very welcome email notifying us that with our new couch, we’ve adopted an Australian Green Sea Turtle via the WWF to help protect turtles and their habitat. We love that the good people behind Koala not only take sustainability seriously, but they’re also big on animal conservation.

Next up, the delivery. The delivery arrived exactly when Koala said it would. It came in eight different boxes, and to be honest, the most time-consuming part about getting the couch assembled and ready was simply getting it out of these boxes. The actual assembly is super straightforward and easy enough for just one person to do by themselves. Inside the delivery we also found two hidden turtle soft toys which is such a nice way to reiterate the fact that your purchase has helped the conservation efforts of species facing extinction. (They were also a great distraction for our dog)

We went with the three-seater in the colour ‘Hawky’ and one of the first things we noticed once it was assembled, was just how spacious the couch is. Three people can VERY comfortably sit on it, and in fact, we’d go as far as saying the couch can easily fit five to six people if they were all sitting upright next to each other, without being squished. This is a truly great feature if you like to have guests over or if you’re into regular binge sessions with your partner or roommate, in which case comfort and space are key.

We’ve had the Modern Sofa for a few weeks now, and can say without hesitation that we are indeed quite chuffed with it.

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Koala getaway luxe sofa copy

Top Pick: Design – The Getaway Sofa Luxe Edition in Kakadu

This is one of Koala’s latest additions to the sofa family and we just love how minimalist, chic & functional it is. It’s beautiful to look at and the soft green Kakadu colourway looks like something straight out of an interior design magazine. The drawers are a big plus cause who doesn’t need extra storage these days?

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Koala coastal sofa copy

Top Pick: Budget – Coastal Sofa

Coming in at around AUD$1,500, the Coastal Sofa was inspired by the ‘salty sea spray’ of Byron Bay. Not sure what that means, but we like the sound of it. A simple yet modern design that provides maximum comfort. We love the colour “Billabong” for this one.

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As a brand that has evolved to be much more than just the mattress that comes in a box, Koala has managed to become (and very successfully we might add) a real player in the homeware and furniture space. From linen to home décor and from desks to storage units – the range on offer is really quite impressive. And the fact that it comes from a business that cares about the planet makes it that much sweeter.

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The author of this article received a sofa to trial courtesy of Koala.