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Stykka Stay TheF Home Cardboard Desk

Stykka’s StayTheF***Home Cardboard Desk

More and more people are being asked to stay home during the COVID-19 pandemic, but how many of those homes have a workspace where these individuals can still get their job done? Danish furniture startup Stykka has the solution, the StayTheF***Home Desk.

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For just $85, you can cop this ultra-stylish work desk for your home office. The StayTheF**Home Desk is made of cardboard and ships flat. If you’re not interested in having it shipped to you, Stykka has made the production files open-source through Creative Commons so that you can download and then print your own. (If you are going to make your own, you need a piece of cardboard that’s about 7mm thick and is big enough to be folded three times for the top piece.) The desk can be assembled in under 10 minutes using the included zip ties. The desk comes in either brown or white cardboard and can be had in three different heights—standard seated and two standing heights. There’s plenty of room on the desk for a laptop or monitor, a keyboard and mouse, a lamp, and some decoration, and you’ll still have room left over for writing down notes.

Home Cardboard Desk side

“Since March 12th, when Denmark almost closed down, we have all been working from home,” says Stykka chief Jarl Vindnaes. “Some had to share a workstation with their partner, while others had to use the dining table. We figured that others might experience the same problem and we decided to turn this idea into reality.” Stykka already has plenty of experiences with desks; their primary product offering is office furniture for corporations and student housing.

Home Cardboard Desk top view

“We wanted to design a product that was affordable, shippable flat-packed, and most important recyclable, while also easy to order from a webshop,” explains Stykka’s head of brand and marketing, Rasmus Taun. “We chose cardboard because it’s super cheap, made from recycled fibres, and once the curfew is over you just throw it into your cardboard recycling bin, which is standard for all Danish households, and it will be made into new cardboard, so it’s beautifully circular as well.”

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General FAQ

What is Stykka?

Danish furniture brand Stykka combines new school printing and design methods with old school craftsmanship. They've redesigned the entire production process to achieve a more sustainable and cost-effective business model.

What is a cardboard desk?

Stykka's cardboard desk is made of high-grade cardboard. It can be shipped flat or printed at home if you have the right materials.

How much is Stykka's cardboard desk?

Stykka's StayTheF***Home Cardboard Desk is 480 Danish Kroner, which comes out to about USD$53 before shipping.

Cardboard Desk
Home Cardboard Desk setting up