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Raf Simons Embraces Modernity in Minimalism for Shaker Storage System

When designer Raf Simons was tapped to work with Kvadrat on a collection of lifestyle accessories, Simons delved into his process of rigorous research. He looked into a number of different sources of inspiration, including the simplicity of the furniture and lives of the Shakers in the United States. The results were the Shaker Storage System.

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Raf Simons/Kvadrat Shakers | Image: Kvadrat project

“I’ve moved a lot, from Europe to America and back, always having to organise myself in a new home,” explains Simons. “There are all these trends telling you how you should cope but I never found the right system, the cleaver beautiful one. So this really came from a personal need.”

The system is beautifully simple. The entire system revolves around a single leather-bound wall-mounted bar. Accessories are hung from that bar and are determined by their location. For the entryway, the bar holds a key chain, cap, tote bag, and shopping bags. In the living room, the bar holds wool throws, cushions, a leather-clad mirror tray, accessory boxes, a leather magazine strap, and storage sleeves.

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Raf Simons/Kvadrat Shakers | Image: Kvadrat project

“Originally the idea was to think about a whole house, room by room, not literally, but more a way of thinking—how do we actually lie. We didn’t approach it from an aesthetic point of view, it was about function and needs and we really put ourselves into the skins of the users,” says Simons.

“More than ever the home is the absolute centre of our lives and I wanted to create a system that would change it for the better,” says Simons. “I am trained as an industrial designer, just putting out beautiful products was not enough. I wanted to conceive something relevant to how we live today.” The Shake System comes in four colours—off-white, pink, green, and black—and includes 26 items that will be launched in two collections.

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Raf Simons/Kvadrat Shakers | Image: Kvadrat project

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Raf Simons/Kvadrat Shakers | Image: Kvadrat project


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