Goldwin and Spiber Ski Jacket Prototype has Green Spiders Rejoicing

Goldwin and Spiber have come up with a ski jacket prototype that will have environmentally conscious arachnids celebrating in the streets. Goldwin, a premium Japanese ski apparel and lifestyle company, teamed with Spiber Inc., a biomaterials company, on a ski jacket that uses sustainable spider silk.

spiber ski jacket ski in snow

The material used for the jacket is made of a synthetic protein fibre, making it more environmentally friendly. Other ski jackets depend on materials that are petroleum based, which requires not only a large amount of energy to make, but also results in a lot of greenhouse gases. Goldwin and Spiber instead went with the “Q/QMONOS” synthetic spider silk. The material is produced using fibroin—a synthetic protein—and using a proprietary microbial fermentation and spinning process.

Until recently, such an option was only a pipedream, but now, because of the ability to commercially scale the production of the synthetic silk, the outerwear industry may just be on the brink of being revolutionized. For the moment, Q/QMONOS is being tested for quality.

men wearing spiber ski jacket ski in snow

The jacket isn’t in production yet, but it is on display at the Design Museum in London through January and has already been nominated for the Beazley’s Designs of the Year Award, which will be announced in November.

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