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Migaloo m 5 yacht

Inside the World’s First $3 Billion Luxury Super Submarine

Blending superyacht luxury with submarine stealth, the Austrian-designed Migaloo M5 promises to redefine maritime living but at a cost that’ll burn a hole through your pocket. While the M5 has yet to set sail, Migaloo, the company responsible for the M5, is calling the vessel the world’s first luxury super submarine. Billed as the “future of yachting,” this high-end hybrid vessel will be capable of four-week underwater voyages, thus offering unprecedented security and secluded exploration, making it an ideal haven for discerning adventurers and rich billionaires.

According to Air Mail, the submersible is set to be an impressive 541 feet in length, capable of fitting 20 passengers and 40 crew members while diving to depths of 250 meters. Onboard, there’s a ton of stuff to keep you entertained – think jet skiing, kite surfing, paddle boarding, and even exploring with one of two mini-submarines or catching a helicopter ride.

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Migaloo m 5 concept
The Migaloo M5 is billed as the world’s first super submarine and is capable of four-week underwater voyages | Image: Migaloo

Adding to its allure, the M5 will also feature two pools, a jacuzzi, and a cafe. For culinary delights, the vessel offers a 36-seat dining room with glass walls, providing guests with spectacular views of the sea and marine life. And if that’s not enough, you can amp up your experience with extras like a swimming pool, wine cellar, or cinema, though these come at an extra cost. All this luxury comes with a hefty price tag – the Migaloo M5 is estimated to cost around AUD $3 billion for construction alone, without even adding those optional bells and whistles.

Despite pitching the Migaloo M5 over the past several months, CEO Christian Gumpold has faced challenges in attracting buyers, with safety remaining a major concern, particularly after the Titan submersible tragedy in June last year. Acknowledging this challenge, Gumpold stated that the company is aiming for “visionary billionaires with or without existing superyacht experience who have extraordinary demands for exclusivity, safety, adventure.” He further added that Migaloo is “in negotiations with a number of interested parties from all over the world who are motivated to own the world’s first superyacht-submarine hybrid.”

Migaloo m 5 concept design
Image: Migaloo

“As it is a completely new development, such a project will require corresponding monetary resources, take a lot of time for design, construction and building and demand many decisions,” Gumpold told The Times. “However, the owner also receives the corresponding prestige and unimagined new possibilities when calling this product his own. Our target group must be aware of this and have the corresponding innovative mindset.”

While Migaloo M5 surely offers a luxurious bunker-like experience beneath the waves, its invulnerability will surely be questioned, with safety features likely analyzed by prospective buyers. With a whopping upwards of AUD $3 billion price tag, the M5 will have a lot to prove in terms of safety, but Migaloo remains confident its vessel is secure. The company promises maximum protection with a double-hull construction and a range of rescue systems, including mini-submarines.

Migaloo m5 superyatch
Image: Migaloo