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U boat worx nexus 4

U-Boat Worx Launches 9-Person Underwater Party Sub

It’s often said that mother nature is the cinematic experience you never have to pay for, but Dutch watercraft outfit U-Boat Worx is proving a little spending doesn’t go astray. The brand, which specialises in private and commercial submarine developments has just rolled out it’s most-impressive addition to date – the NEXUS. Diving to depths of more than 200 metres below sea level, this submersible offers you and eight of your closest friends a front-row view of the ocean’s brightest and best.

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Image: U-Boat Worx

Heading deep underwater is far from a new experience, with scuba-diving and ocean travel regularly tame options by today’s standards, however, the NEXUS does offer a unique experience. The new release is smaller and lighter than previous models, with U-Boat Worx equipping it with a 62 kWh battery that allows it to run for up to 18 hours straight. According to the manufacturer, the NEXUS will be able to dive up to 10 times a day, meaning a total of 80 guests (less one seat for the captain), come hit the ocean’s floor per day.

Inside the cabin, it’s a starkly different experience than you might initially expect. U-Boat Worx has tapped the same unique revolving seating arrangement found in the Cruise Subs, meaning passengers ca enjoy the best view, regardless of the direction the submarine is travelling. That’s a handy addition, especially considering the NEXUS is designed to be multi-directional, able to manoeuvre in any direction without compromise.

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Image: U-Boat Worx

Better still, the interior cabin offers 25 per cent more space than competing models and features the largest entrance hatch to ever be incorporated on a submarine of this size. No longer will you smack your head on the door frame when you enter your private submarine. But for those looking to really lap up the life of luxury, U-Boat Worx has confirmed that a passenger elevator is also optional, should you get tired of the miracle of human movement. There’s no word yet on how much the new U-Boat Worx NEXUS will set you back, but considering the insane level of luxury inside and out, you can bet it won’t come cheap.

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Image: U-Boat Worx

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Image: U-Boat Worx