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2023 mercedes amg g63 4x4 squared 3

2023 Mercedes-AMG G63 4×4 Squared is a 585HP German Monster-Truck with Manners

Within the mad world of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, the 4×4 Squared version sits right at the top, being the most unhinged along with 6×6, of course. Yet, the most bonkers iteration of this military-based off-roader is now back and it’s meaner than ever. The new generation 4×4 Squared is based on the current G-Class but interestingly, the 4×4 Squared would now be available in G63 guise and not on the G550 as the earlier car.

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2023 mercedes amg g63 4x4 squared

Image: Mercedes-AMG

All this means that there is now more power with the AMG-tuned twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8 now pumping out 585 bhp. Perched high up and sitting on a ground clearance of 13.8 inches, you’ll be able to hear the V8 burble via the side pipes in true G63 style. Portal axles all around gives the 4×4 Squared a ‘monster truck on steroids’ look while a 45-degree approach angle and a 35.8-inch wading depth enables it to transverse through any terrain. It’s another matter altogether that most of these would end up being parked outside Harrods and being covered in a gold wrap….

At least, the new G63 4X4 retains the new independent front suspension and promises better road manners than the earlier model. The ride quality and steering too will benefit the transition to the new generation G-Class. Huge 22-inch wheels and a LED light bar finished in carbon fibre are some of the other noticeable design bits that make it stand out from a regular ‘G63’ while even the spare tyre is wrapped in a carbon fibre box.

2023 mercedes amg g63 4x4 squared 1

Image: Mercedes-AMG

Not many of these road legal monster trucks would be built and we’d wager that each one would be sold in an instant thanks to the demand for big performance SUVs worldwide. Just like the previous version, it is going to be a rare sight on our roads and expect prices to be in the region of $300,000 each. While the G63 4X4 Squared is not the most politically correct new car, it shows the ever-lasting appeal of this legendary off-roader and how it defies current trends.