El Dorado Shimmers in Golden Beauty

The lost city of El Dorado, the crown jewel of Colombia’s Muisca culture, has captured imaginations for generations, including the imaginations of the builders at Pasquale Motors. Their latest custom bike, titled “Golden Beauty,” takes inspiration from the fabled city of El Dorado.

El Dorado motorbikes

Golden Beauty started out as a BMW R90/6. Pasquale revisited the tank, replacing it with a handcrafted work of art that uses a minimalistic approach. Originally a café racer, the R90/6’s design didn’t leave much room for the rider, so knee indentations were created to improve rider comfort.

Pasquale also used the straight lines of the tank to bring the viewer’s eye to the midsection of the bike. The chassis was also refined, blending it into the tank’s lines. Instead of the classic café racer seat, a board seat made of 7075 aluminium that allows two travellers was added. Using hand-selected tubing that has the same radius as the wheels, Pasquale accentuated the bike’s engine and created a look of the lines of the bike never crossing.

Further emphasizing the tank, the bike received a gold paint job.

headlight el dorado bike

El Dorado may be only a myth, but Pasquale Motor’s Golden Beauty is definitely a reality.

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