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Aston martin new v12

Aston Martin is Keeping the V12 Alive, and It’s More Powerful Than Ever

It’s a great day to be an internal combustion engine (ICE) fan because Aston Martin has announced that it’s keeping the V12 engine around for another generation in a new flagship model. Of course, it’s too early to say exactly what that model will be, but an excerpt from the official press release states, “All will be vanquished,” so one can only assume that means a new Aston Martin Vanquish is in the works.

The brand says further details about that car will be announced later this year, but we have power and torque figures to share with you in the meantime.

The new Aston Martin V12 will produce 835PS (824HP, 614kW) and an extraordinary 1000Nm of torque. That’s up from the previous most powerful Aston Martin V12 found in the DBS 770 Ultimate, which produced 770PS of power and 900NM of torque.

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Aston martin dbs 770 ultimate feature
Aston Martin DBS 770 Ultimate | Image: Aston Martin

Internally, the updated engine includes a strengthened cylinder block and conrods, redesigned cylinder heads incorporating reprofiled camshafts, plus new intake and exhaust ports. That’s alongside nerdery, such as repositioned spark plugs and new higher flowrate fuel injectors that will chew through a lot of dino juice.

In addition to the internal engine changes, new higher speed, reduced inertia turbochargers have been fitted.

“The V12 engine has long been a symbol of power and prestige, but it is also a statement of engineering passion and technical prowess,” said Aston Martin Chief Technical Officer Roberto Fedeli. “With 835PS and 1000Nm of torque, this unparalleled engine represents nothing less than the dawn of a dazzling new V12 era for Aston Martin.”

According to Aston Martin, the new engine will feature across Aston Martin’s “most exclusive and limited availability models,” but if the brand’s track record is anything to go by, we’re confident it’ll squeeze this thing into a DBS and Vantage at some point down the line. Even still, the brand says this engine will be handcrafted, year by year, in strictly limited numbers. If you want to get your hands on this next beast, line-up.

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