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Inside Ferrari’s Insanely Luxurious Australian ‘Casa Ferrari’ F1 Party

What more could you have wanted from Sunday’s Australian F1 Grand Prix? Albert Park was littered with wheel-to-wheel action, Max Verstappen was out with brake failure, and Ferrari secured 1st and 2nd place on the podium. Honestly, if there was any more excitement, our hearts would have exploded.

But hold on a minute. As much as we enjoyed the adrenaline rush, Ferrari left us feeling a little bit like a jilted lover. We had the privilege of attending Casa Ferrari on race day, their exclusive hospitality venue, and now we feel like we’ve been spoiled for life. It’s like flying business class and getting champagne on arrival, then going back to cattle class – it’s just not the same, is it?

I guess they could always invite us again next year…

Casa ferrari 2024 2
Casa Ferrari 2024 | Image: Supplied

Ferrari x Australian GP

“A Tuscan Vila-inspired home for our Ferrari clients and enthusiasts”

Jan Hendrik Voss, President of Ferrari Australiasia.

Casa Ferrari has quickly become a beloved institution in Albert Park, with locals and visitors alike flocking to the vibrant pop-up venue. The idea for the space was born out of the unique circumstances of our post-pandemic world and it’s been a staple fixture for the last few years. As the world slowly emerged from lockdowns and restrictions, the Ferrari brand saw an opportunity to create a space that celebrated life, vibrancy, and the joys of gathering together.

“The whole reason we came up with the Casa Ferrari concept was to bring everybody back together after the two-year hiatus,” said President of Ferrari Australasia, Jan Hendrik Voss. “And it was a big success for us last year. So we decided to do it even bigger and better this year and I think we’ve accomplished that goal for our Ferrari family.”

Casa Ferrari 2023 F1 Australian Grand Prix
Casa Ferrari | Image: Supplied

Inside ‘Casa Ferrari’

As we sauntered into the magnificent Casa Ferrari 3.0, we couldn’t help but feel like we’d stepped into a dreamland of opulence and grandeur. Boasting three floors of sheer luxury, we’d we full ‘felt like a ‘kid in a candy store’, but instead of sweets, the place was overflowing with lavishness. Fine cars, watches, and people.

From the sweeping views of the track to the top-notch food and beverages, Casa Ferrari was the perfect place to pamper yourself while enjoying the best driving the world has to offer. Would you expect anything less from the Italian luxury auto manufacturer?

Walking down to the front lawn filled with lounges and chairs, we were greeted by canapes and the refreshing taste of an Aperol Spritz. As we turned the corner, we were delighted to find a barista expertly crafting coffee while another stall boasted four different flavours of authentic gelato, available all day. We must admit, it was hard to resist indulging in a few scoops before lunchtime – after all, when in Rome…or Melbourne, right?

Casa ferrari 2024 sf90 xx
Casa Ferrari 2024 | Image: Supplied

Ferrari SF90 XX

If you’re impressed by what you’ve seen so far, just wait until you hear about the DJ’s set. From the way people were dressed to the way they moved, it was clear that this was a crowd that appreciated the finer things in life. But even the most discerning of individuals couldn’t resist the allure of the music and the irresistible beats that filled the air. We can honestly say that we’ve never witnessed such a display of high-end fashion and designer outfits gyrating and bouncing along with the music.

And what better way to complement the high-octane energy of the event than with the latest hardcore supercar, the SF90 XX, on display on the party lawn? Guests at the event could feast their eyes on this stunning beauty up close and personal before it hits the roads of Australia. 

Sitting inside the car, the SF90 XX is truly a sight to behold, with its sleek yet striking aesthetic. It’s the perfect embodiment of luxury and performance – just like the F1 event.

Although it was one of the most incredible experiences of our life, it will be difficult to return to general admission after this. Check out more images below.

Casa Ferrari 2023 F1 Australian Grand Prix
Casa Ferrari | Image: Supplied
Casa Ferrari 2023 F1 Australian Grand Prix
Casa Ferrari | Image: Supplied
Casa Ferrari 2023 F1 Australian Grand Prix
Casa Ferrari | Image: Supplied