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10 Most Popular Car Brands in Australia

It’s no surprise that the most popular car brand in Australia is Toyota, but with the global chip shortage relinquishing its grip on the local car market, we also saw the total number of cars sold in Australia increase by three per cent year-on-year for 2022.

The total number of cars sold in Australia for 2022 is marked at 1,081,429 vs. the 1,049,831 cars sold in 2021.

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These are the most popular car brands in Australia as provided by VFACTS.

Brand Sales 2022 Sales 2021 Variance YoY
1. Toyota 231,050 223,642 3.3% increase
2. Mazda 95,718 101,119 5.3% decrease
3. Kia 78,330 67,964 15.3% increase
4. Mitsubishi 76,991 67,732 13.7% increase
5. Hyundai 73,345 72,872 0.6% increase
6. Ford 66,628 71,380 6.7% decrease
7. MG 49,582 39,025 27.1% increase
8. Subaru 36,036 37,015 2.6% decrease
9. Isuzu Ute 35,323 35,735 1.2% decrease
10. Volkswagen 30,946 40,770 24.1% decrease

Now you’ve seen the brands, let’s check out the full list, including the brands top selling models.

Toyota hilux

Toyota HiLux | Image: Supplied

1. Toyota

Total number of sales in 2022: 231,050

The Toyota HiLux continues to be the most popular car on sale in Australia. Even with the new Ford Ranger release in the second half of 2022, sales for the model increased exponentially at 19.6% year-on-year. While RAV4 sales continued to be strong, the only other Toyota model in the top five of sales to see an increase was the Hilux 4×2.

  1. HiLux 4×4: 47,329
  2. RAV4: 34,845
  3. Corolla: 25,284
  4. Prado: 25,284
  5. Hilux 4×2: 17,062

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Mazda cx 5

Mazda CX-5 | Image: Supplied

2. Mazda

Total number of sales in 2022: 95,718

The Mazda CX-5 continues its mid-size SUV sales dominance and retains the title of the most popular Mazda in Australia for 2022. This year saw an 8.4% sales increase for the model and doubled the sales of the next most popular model in the lineup, the new CX-30.

  1. CX-5: 27,062
  2. CX-30: 13,891
  3. CX-3: 11,907
  4. BT-50 4×4: 10,533
  5. Mazda3: 9,639

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Kia sportage

Kia Sportage | Image: Supplied

3. Kia

Total number of sales in 2022: 78,330

The highly-awarded Kia Sportage tops the list as the number one Kia model in Australia with 18,792 sales. In a surprising turn of events, the Seltos had a decline in sales with the potential of an inter-brand rivalry forming between the smaller SUV (and cheaper) Stonic. That particular model has an 11.9% increase in sales for 2022.

  1. Sportage: 18,792
  2. Cerato: 12,354
  3. Stonic: 8,557
  4. Seltos: 8,504
  5. Carnival: 8,054

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Mitsubishi triton

Mitsubishi Triton GSR | Image: Supplied

4. Mitsubishi

Total number of sales in 2022: 76,991

We’ve warmed up to the Mitsubishi Triton over the last year and it seems the Australian buyer has too with a 46.7% increase in sales. And while it’s far from the most powerful dual-cab ute on sale in Australia, it’s charming, looks the goods, and is one of the best value utes on the market. It’s hardly surprising to see the Outlander increase in sales too, it’s one of the most well-rounded cars we drove in 2022 and deserves plenty of sales success.

  1. Triton 4×4: 23,953
  2. Outlander: 19,546
  3. ASX: 12,753
  4. Pajero Sport: 8,838
  5. Eclipse Cross: 5,973

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Hyundai i30 n

Hyundai i30 N (overseas model shown) | Image: Supplied

5. Hyundai

Total number of sales in 2022: 73,345

The Hyundai i30 has continued to take it to the Toyota Corolla as it contends for the crown as hatch-back king of Australia. While sales decreased year-on-year for the model, it’s a two-horse race between the two brands as the Golf continues to fall from the perch with less than 4000 sales (see below). It’s worth mentioning that Hyundai is managing this sales success without a dual-cab ute on the market.

  1. i30: 21,166
  2. Tucson: 17,870
  3. Kona: 11,538
  4. Venue: 6,440
  5. Santa Fe: 4,595

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Ford ranger

Ford Ranger | Image: Supplied

6. Ford

Total number of sales in 2022: 66,628

Ford Australia continues to be carried by two standout models, the Ranger and the Everest. We’ve had plenty of time in both over the last 12 months and it’s easy to see why they’re so successful, integrating all the technology, creature comforts, warranties, and everyday convenience you’d expect from one of the world’s top car brands. We’ll give a special shoutout to the Ford Escape PHEV here because we loved our time in it and Aussies seem to think the same with a 30.2% sales increase for the Escape model.

  1. Ranger 4×4: 43,128
  2. Everest: 10,314
  3. Ranger 4×2: 4,351
  4. Puma: 2,408
  5. Escape: 2,179

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Mg zs ev charging

2023 MG ZS EV | Image: Ben Mckimm

7. MG

Total number of sales in 2022: 49,582

Chinese state-owned SAIC Motor Corporation brought MG to Australia only a few years ago, however, the brand’s made a name for itself with the cheapest new cars on the road in Australia. All cars are feature-packed and the top-selling MG ZS starts from just over AUD$20,000 drive-away so it’s easy to see why they’re selling in droves. We had a chance to drive the MG ZS EV, although we’ve yet to jump into the base model to make a worthy comparison.

  1. ZS: 22,466
  2. MG3: 16,168
  3. HS: 10,948

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Subaru forester

Subaru Forester (overseas model shown)| Image: Supplied

8. Subaru

Total number of sales in 2022: 36,036

Subaru continues to chug away with sales in the Australian market and while total sales were down thanks to the ongoing global chip shortage, the shining light of the new WRX brings hope for the brand moving into 2023. That particular model had a sales increase of 89.7% and with a new Impreza on the horizon, expect a big bounce-back year from Subaru.

  1. Forester: 10,637
  2. Outback: 9,739
  3. XV: 9,090
  4. Impreza: 3,013
  5. WRX: 2,392

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Isuzu d max

Isuzu Ute D-Max | Image: Supplied

9. Isuzu Ute

Total number of sales in 2022: 35,323

The Isuzu D-Max 4X4 continues to be the people’s choice in the dual-cab ute market and it’s easy to see why. It’s a great-looking vehicle, the 4JJ engine is a gem, and the price is competitive with most on the market.

  1. D-Max 4X4: 20,124
  2. D-Max 4X2: 10,987
  3. MU-X: 4,212

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Vw t cross

Volkswagen T-Cross (overseas model shown) | Image: Supplied

10. Volkswagen

Total number of sales in 2022: 30,946

Volkswagen Australia continues to struggle in the wake of a global chip shortage with prices being driven up across the board. However, the brand is bringing a host of EVs to the Australian market in the next 12 months, including the top-selling VW ID.3 so expect a big overall sales increase for the brand moving into 2024. We can’t wait for the ID. BUZZ electric Kombi to make its way to Australia, here’s everything you need to know about it.

  1. T-Cross: 5,146
  2. Amarok 4×4: 4,514
  3. Tiguan Allspace: 3,876
  4. T-Roc: 3,627
  5. Golf: 3,223

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Competition is Increasing

Competition amongst car brands in Australia has never been hotter. And while Japanese-made cars (Toyota, Mazda, Subaru, and Mitsubishi) continue to be the most popular amongst buyers (330,061 sales), we’re beginning to see an increasing dominance from Chinese-made brands (MG, Haval, BYD, GWM, LDV, Polestar, and Volvo) and the competition they’re bringing to market with feature-packed cut-price alternatives.

In fact, Chinese-made cars saw an overall increase of 61.1% in sales for 2022, representing 122,845 new cars sold vs. 76,262 in 2021. At the current growth rate, we’d expect these cars to surpass Korean-made cars (159,244 sold in 2022, an increase of only 9.8%) by the end of this year.

FCAI Chief Executive, Tony Weber, says we’re entering a year that’s shaping up as “one of the most significant in recent history, particularly in terms of the development of policies that set the direction for the future decarbonisation of the light vehicle fleet.” However, we believe the next five years will be marked just as much by competition and pricing. Especially in the wake of a cost-of-living crisis.

General FAQ

What is Australia’s most popular car brand?

Toyota is Australia’s most popular car brand for 2022 having sold 231,050 cars. This is more than double second place Mazda, who sold 95,718.

How many cars did Ferrari sell in Australia?

Ferrari sold 203 cars in Australia in 2022. This is an increase of 4.6% on 2021 when they sold 194 cars.

Which car brand’s sales declined the most in Australia?

Out of the 10 highest selling car brands in Australia for 2022, Volkswagen’s sales declined the most with a 24.1% decrease year-on-year.

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