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Genesis neolun concept front three quarter

Genesis Neolun Concept is a Futuristic Electric SUV With Coach Doors

Genesis has been on a concept spree and its latest Neolun SUV points at a future electric Range Rover rival with coach doors no less. To be positioned as a flagship electric SUV, the Neolun will most likely spawn a production version which could be called the GV90. As the brand’s first full-size electric SUV concept, the focus has been on luxury and an interior dripping with extravagant materials.

However, let’s first discuss the name as the moniker “Neolun” is derived from the Greek “neo,” or new, and the Latin “luna,” which means moon. “The Neolun Concept was inspired by Korea’s iconic moon-shaped porcelain jars,” said Genesis Chief Creative Officer Luc Donckerwolke. “It’s the epitome of timeless design and sophisticated craftsmanship.”

We think the Neolun looks quite distinctive while embracing the traditional Genesis design ethos within a larger SUV canvas.

Genesis neolun concept side
Genesis Neolun Concept | Image: Genesis

Genesis has also refrained from over-styling and instead uses a ‘reductive design’ approach flanked by a minimalistic look. The lights are integrated within the body and blend with the car’s front and rear design while there is even a pop-up type roof rack which normally stays hidden.

The most interesting design flourish though is the lack of a B-pillar with coach doors which enable easier egress and ingress. It remains to be seen whether they do make it to the production version though Genesis has stated that ‘pillarless coach doors have reached a level where its application to production vehicles is now feasible’ which means they just might make it to the showroom floor. Oh, and Genesis has also gotten rid of the traditional door mirrors in place of digital ones.

Genesis neolun concept rear seats
Genesis Neolun Concept | Image: Genesis

Inside, it’s devoid of unnecessary clutter and emphasises comfort along with maximising space. The talking point is a new radiant heating system that allows for efficient heating throughout the vehicle, with heating films applied to the dashboard, door trims, floor, seatbacks, and console sides along with front-row seats that swivel as a large adjustable display screen unfolds from the rear-seat headliner.

The upholstery used is also different from the usual leather-lined cabins that we see on other luxury cars as instead it uses a combination of cashmere in the shade of “Royal Indigo” along with “Purple Silk” leather. Finishing the luxury touch is a dark-coloured real wood floor.

Genesis neolun concept interior
Genesis Neolun Concept | Image: Genesis

Genesis also paid attention to the audio system with a myriad of tweeters, midrange speakers, woofers, and subwoofers. 

The brand has not revealed the electric powertrain details but we expect a large battery pack along with a power dual motor layout while a multi-level air suspension is also expected.

The production-ready version will no doubt be a slightly watered-down version of this concept but expect a lot of these futuristic design elements to trickle down as Genesis is adamant on doing something different when compared to the myriad luxury EVs already out there.

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