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Vision neue klasse x

BMW’s Vision Neue Klasse X Shrinks the Grille, Previews SUV Future

Electric cars represent exciting times for brands like BMW because they present an opportunity to start from scratch and look at automotive packaging from a different perspective. Its line-up of Vision Neue Klasse EVs holds immense significance as they will influence not just the new wave of BMW electric cars but the design will also trickle down to its internal combustion engine products.

The latest concept in the Vision Neue Klasse X points at the all-electric new generation BMW X line-up and you should expect it to arrive as soon as next year. This is an ‘SAV’ (Sports Activity Vehicle) based on this new electric architecture and it will go into series production at Plant Debrecen (Hungary) in 2025.

“Together with the BMW Vision Neue Klasse, the BMW Vision Neue Klasse X showcases the breadth of our future BMW model line-up. The Neue Klasse reflects the variety of all the models that customers want today and, in the future, – from sporty sedan, with all its derivatives, to modern SAV family,” said Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG.

“In this way, we are underlining that the Neue Klasse is much more than just a car or a specific concept; it is redefining the BMW brand – and, at the same time, will be more BMW than ever.”

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Vision neue klasse x rear end
Vision Neue Klasse X | Image: BMW

For this vehicle, BMW has redesigned every core element with a digitally led interior that includes a new generation iDrive to a completely new design language. The brand says that the Vision Neue Klasse X previews how the X series of SAVs will look in the years to come.

Some of the advantages of a bespoke electric architecture are seen with the short overhangs, long wheelbase, and large window areas. Interestingly, the Vision Neue Klasse X is bigger than the current-gen X3 and the interior room is like an X5.

We do love the grille here as it is not as huge or as intimidating as on some of the brand’s current models while the vertical LED lighting also fits in rather well with the shape. Elsewhere, you will see flush glass surfaces and the rear has the typical L shape although with new 3D-printed elements.

Inside, aside from the rather retro colour scheme, there’s a redesigned steering wheel and an art deco environment along with a lounge-like feel. The ‘BMW Panoramic Vision’ also projects key information across the full width of the windscreen while production models of the Neue Klasse will come with a 3D Head-Up Display.

Look closer and you will also see the absence of the typical iDrive controller as the central touch screen along with a smarter personal assistant will take care of everything here.

BMW is also putting a lot of focus on sustainability with a new plant-based, mineral-based, and petroleum-free surface material “Verdana” being used for the interior while plastics are sourced sustainably along with materials taken from discarded fishing nets.

Vision neue klasse x next to vision neue klasse
Vision Neue Klasse X | Image: BMW

In terms of the powertrain, all Neue Klasse products will use round lithium-ion battery cells, with a volumetric energy density more than 20 per cent higher than that of the prismatic cells that were previously used. There’s also an 800-volt system which will increase charging speeds by 30 per cent while the sixth generation of BMW eDrive will also deliver up to 30 per cent more range than before.

To be made at the new ‘iFACTORY’, the Vision Neue Klasse is the return of a minimalist design language by BMW and we do like what we see. Expect to see this one hit dealerships after it goes into series production at Plant Debrecen (Hungary) in 2025. Details for Australia will be added once they’re shared.

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