Emory Motorsport Created a Custom Porsche 356 for Music Legend John Oates

What to do after you’ve sold tens of millions of records worldwide? For musician John Oates (of Hall & Oates fame), the answer is easy: score yourself a sweet ride. And not just any sweet ride, but a beautiful custom Porsche. For that, he collaborated with Emory Motorsport, and the result was a Porsche 356 like no other. Classic is hardly the word.

porsche 356 john oates front side

Emory Motorsport took a tactfully restrained approach when crafting this sporty beast, though that didn’t mean forgoing a range of powerful modifications. Starting with a 1960 356B Cabriolet body, Emory replaced the nose and bumpers with 356A-style parts. They also tinkered with the windshield frame and removable hard top, all in an attempt to establish a sleeker profile. Under the hood is a new air-cooled four-cylinder engine block from Emory and Rothsport Racing, which goes by the name of “Outlaw-4”. Also featured on the car are a modernised chassis, an improved four-wheel disc-brake system, adjustable Koni shocks, and black powder coated wheels.

custom porsche 356 john oates steering wheel

For potentially obvious reasons, John Oates got onboard to help tackle the interior cabin. Consequently, it comes dressed in Hydes cognac leather and equipped with Speedster-style seats with basketweave inserts. Emory also threw in a removable rollbar should Oates decide to put the pedal to the metal on the nearest race track.

emory motorsports porsche 356 john oates on road

Rounding out the car’s bespoke charms are a range of modest body modifications, including a hood-handle delete, body-hugging bumpers, body-mounted driving lights, and a signature Emory reverse-louvered deck lid. Sealing the deal is a paint job of Graphite Grey Metallic RM. All those gold record awards practically pale in comparison.

Check it out

emory motorsports porsche 356 john oates engine

custom porsche 356 john oates seat

custom porsche 356 john oates meters

custom porsche 356 john oates over all design