Gunther Werks Re-Creates the ‘Last Real Porsche’ with 400R Coupe

Some men collect vintage bottles of rare whisky. Others seeks out rare stamps. And then some men have much bigger ideas, like say a remastered and re-imagined classic Porsche 993. For those men, Gunther Werks is here to heed the call. They’ve taken the iconic Porsche 993–considered by many to be the apex of the 911 line and the ‘last real Porsche’–and upgraded it substantially. Limited to 25 examples, the Gunther Werks 400R is lighter and more powerful than the original 993, and will undoubtedly scratch a wealthy Porsche enthusiast right where he itches.

steering of gunther werks 400r

To make the dream a reality, Gunther Werks paired the modern performance features of Porsche’s 911 GT3 RS with an improved 993 chassis. Carbon fibre bodywork sheds pounds and increases strength with the utmost precision. The cockpit similarly represents a meeting ground between the 911 and the 993, taking the best elements from both to create a tight, but luxurious cabin complete with carbon fibre bucket seats and rear-seat deletes.

gunther werks 400r car and engine

Under the hood is a hand-built flat-six aspirated 4.0 litre engine. That’s joined by Mahle pistons, twin spark Motec Engine management, individual throttle bodies and a billet crankshaft. The premium engine delivers 400 hp and 330 ft lbs of torque. Rounding out the power train is a custom Getrag G50 6-speed manual transmission.

rear gunther werks 400r car

To call the 400R a thing of beauty is practically redundant. After all, the Porsche 993’s reputation pretty much speaks for itself. Hence, the 400R is more like a thing of beauty upgraded and remastered. We envy the 25 collectors who will get their hands on one.

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