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Mclaren p1 drowned by hurricane 1

$2 Million McLaren P1 Drowned By Hurricane, Owner Doesn’t Give a F*ck

What’s worse than losing your week-old, 300-mile, super-rare, $2 Million AUD McLaren P1? Also losing your brand new Rolls Royce Phantom. Just ask the owner of both cars @lambo9286 on Instagram, who lost them during Florida’s Hurricane Ian that’s been wreaking havoc with flash flooding, strong winds, and water damage to homes. It appears the Instagram user, whose real name is Ernie, is just trying to stay positive by posting a picture of his car sitting on top of a toilet. That, or he really doesn’t give a f*ck.

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Mclaren p1 drowned by hurricane on toilet

Image: “My P1 being held up by a toilet” | @lambo9286

According to posts from the Instagram account, Ernie says he lost the car after flood waters entered his garage before floating the McLaren off the ground and forcing it through the closed garage door and out onto the street. Sadly, it’s hardly surprising that the flood waters would be strong enough to float the 1,490kg McLaren P1, because a short time later the owner posted a photo showing his 2,560 kg 2023 Rolls-Royce Phantom on top of a tree.

Flood water was said to reach heights of around 4 feet at the peak, easily submerging the P1 which has a height of just 46.8 inches (118.9 cm).

Judging by the owner’s reaction, it’s clear both cars are covered by insurance, but it’s a sad day nonetheless as McLaren only made 375 units of the P1 that was unveiled at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. It’s not the fastest, prettiest, or technology-ridden car the brand has ever made, but fans look at the P1 as the previous generation looks at the McLaren F1, a car that held the world’s fastest production car for the best part of 15 years.

A timeline of the events can be seen in the Instagram account we’ve linked below. RIP P1.

Check it out

Rolls royce drowned by hurricane 1

Image: “And this is my brand new Rolls Royce” | @lambo9286

Mclaren and rolls royce drowned by hurricane

Image: “This was the picture before the P1 went thru the garage” | @lambo9286

Mclaren drowned by hurricane 2

Image: “Wow” | @lambo9286

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