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Hybrid porsche 911

Hybrid Porsche 911 Confirmed With ‘Significantly More Power’

The first Porsche 911 with hybrid drive has officially finished its testing regime before it’s unveiled to the world on the 28th of May at 11 pm AEST. It marks a monumental overhaul to the vehicle that boasts a Nürburgring lap time 8.7 seconds faster than its predecessor (7:16.934 minutes). And while Porsche purists may be turning their noses to the thought of electrification, hybrid powertrains are nothing new to the sportscar world. Ferrari and McLaren have already dabbled with plug-in hybrids, and we should certainly not forget the 918 Spyder that was released (to some fanfare) a few years back, or the Cayenne and Panamera, for that matter.

“For the first time in our icon’s 61-year history, we are installing a hybrid drive system in a roadgoing 911. This innovative performance hybrid makes the 911 even more dynamic,” said Frank Moser, vice president of Model Line 911 and 718. “From the freezing cold to scorching heat, as was the case during the final stages of testing in Dubai. Whether at a high drivetrain load in the demanding conditions of mountain passes or in the stop-and-go traffic of an urban environment, the new 911 has mastered even the most difficult challenges with aplomb. All in all, our engineers and test drivers clocked up more than five million kilometres of development driving.”

“The new 911 has become considerably faster on the track,” said brand ambassador Jörg Bergmeister. “We have more grip, significantly more power, and the spontaneous response of the performance hybrid is a great advantage.”

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Hybrid porsche 911 in dubai
Hybrid Porsche 911 testing | Image: Porsche

It’s unclear where this model will sit in the new 992.2 model line-up – considering Porsche hasn’t quoted what car they’ve benchmarked their Nürburgring lap time against – but looking at the gaps, one can deduce that it will likely sit below the 911 GTS (from AU$353,700) and somewhere around the Carrera S ($317,000). Interestingly, the Carrera S has been quoted by a spokesperson from Porsche as completing the Nürburgring in 7:25, according to an article in Motor Authority.

Hints from the brand in the past have not earmarked a position in the model line-up either, only suggesting this will be an “ultra-sporty hybrid – as seen in racing – for selected derivatives of the 911 model line.”

The test vehicle in question was driven by Porsche brand ambassador Jörg Bergmeister and was equipped with standard road tyres, plus the aero kit with a fixed rear wing that has been available as an option for several model generations now, and which provides increased downforce at high speeds. Keen eyes will notice the larger Cayenne Turbo GT-sized exhaust pipes, however, there are few visual changes to speak of.

By all accounts, the upcoming model update will have a different hybrid system from the 918 Spyder and other sportscar on the market, e.g. Ferrari 296 and McLaren Artura. It will not allow you to charge it with a plug. Instead, this vehicle must be charged on the fly using the engine power and regenerative braking system. Reports from the US publication Car and Driver claim the system ‘t-hybrid’ will power the front wheels only and use the 3.0-litre twin-turbo six-cylinder petrol engine to drive the rear wheels.

More will be revealed after the covers are taken off the Porsche 911 Hybrid when it’s officially revealed to the world on the 28th of May at 11 pm AEST.

Hybrid porsche 911 lap time
Hybrid Porsche 911 testing | Image: Porsche

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