Porsche Classic Carrera GT Sports Car Reconstruction

A scant 15 years ago, Porsche forever changed the automotive landscape by introducing the Porsche Carrera GT. The car was revolutionary, and incomparable. A US private collector recently commissioned Porsche Classic to completely reconstruct a Carrera GT. Porsche Classic worked from the ground up, completely stripping down the car to individual parts so that each part could be extensively checked and then either refurbished or replaced entirely. The ten-cylinder V engine with 612 horsepower and a Formula 1 powertrain was completely overhauled.

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The owner opted for an Oak Green Metallic finish, which was first popularized in the 1970s but has never before been used for a Carrera GT. The rims were also a first—not just for the Carrera but because a new approach had to be created to get the desired metallic high-gloss effect. The approach was to take silver—the actual precious metal—and add it as a layer on the rims for that chrome-like surface. To address oxidation, Porsche Classic applied layer of clear lacquer. The spokes were painted gold.

porsche carrera

Over time, carbon fiber will fade, so restoring all the carbon fiber parts of the Carrera was a time-consuming project of sanding down each part—a project that took 350 man hours. But that’s the kind of commitment that Porsche Classic is willing to make. Of course, when you’re working on a thing of beauty, you’re willing to invest whatever it takes to make it right again.

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