Porsche GT Vision Truck Concept Is a Racer in its Own Right

Alexander Imnadze has been in the automotive world for a while and has worked for some pretty big names, including Alfa Romeo and Ford. A few years ago, he designed the GT Vision 906/917 competition vehicle concept for Porsche as a potential Le Mans racecar. Now he’s back to Porsche, following up on the GT with the Vision Truck Concept.

porsche vehicle front and rear view

At first glance, the Vision Truck Concept looks like a stylish transport vehicle to match up with the racecar. Admittedly, it does have that functionality. It also doubles as a race truck, so even if you don’t have the car, you might still make the winners’ circle with this truck. Designed as a hybrid, the truck has a wraparound windscreen, giving it a futuristic look. The LED headlights are completely customizable, and it has a review camera. To match up even more with the Porsche line, the truck has taillights inspired by the 2020 Porsche 911, and it sports air vents and an integrated spoiler. It definitely appears otherworldly and is perfectly suited to accentuate the Vision 906/917 concept.

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porsche gt truck rear view

porsche truck smart car concept