Porsche Races into 2020 with a Cayman and a Spyder

Never content to ride on the coattails of past successes, Porsche is entering 2020 with the most powerful versions of the 718 Cayman GT4 and the 718 Spyder yet. Both cars are designed for the track, with new engines and performance systems, including adding the GT4 chassis to the Spyder.

cayman gt4 front view of 2020 porsche

Porsche outfitted the cars with a 4.0-litre naturally-aspirated that is capable of 414 horsepower and 309 lb-ft of torque. Essentially, the engine is a bored, stroked, and de-turbocharged version of the 3.0-litre flat-six used in the new 911. The engine did get a new forged crankshaft and pistons, as well as piezo fuel injectors and an aluminium intake system.

The engine also benefits from a new exhaust system, or rather, those listening to the car will benefit as the exhaust helps play the symphony that is the sound of the engine. The engine is mated with a six-speed manual transmission. All told, both cars complete 0 to 60 in just 4.2 seconds. If you’re unsure of your ability to maximise all that potential, no worries. Porsche has equipped the cars with “Auto Blip,” which automatically matches the gearbox and the engine speeds during a downshift. This function can be turned on or off with the touch of a button.

porsche back view of cayman gt4

Of course, cars can’t be designed for the track if you neglect the suspension. The Cayman and the Spyder use the Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) system. The front axle comes from the 2018 911 GT3. For the rear axle, Porsche developed a design specific to the GT4 and Spyder. The suspension also makes use of adaptive dampers with helper springs on the rear axle. The anti-roll bars as well as the camber, toe, and ride height settings can all be adjusted. Porsche also improved on the braking, increasing the size with new rotors and callipers.

porsche 2020 has best spyder version of car

The other thing that increased with the new vehicles is the price, but given all the new and upgraded features, that’s to be expected. You can expect to pay around USD$15,000 more for each compared to previous versions, with the Spyder starting at USD$97,500 and the Cayman GT4 at USD$100,450.

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cayman's dashboard and steering wheel

porsche side view of 718 spyder

cayman's gt4 powerful version in 2020