Rod Emory’s Porsche 356 RSR May Have Gone Too Far

When you want something unique and special, you need to go to a master of the craft. Rod Emory is indeed a master when it comes to producing some of the world’s best custom Porsches. His latest creation, the Porsche 356 RSR may just be this specialist’s opus.

emory porsche on the road

The 356 RSR is built on a 1960 356B coupe, which came to Emory as a rust-out shell found in a yellow bar. Emory had to rework all of the body panels and floor pans, which required replacing them with hand-shaped aluminium. While he was at it, Emory also widened out the fenders to better accommodate a set of five-spoke Momo wheels.

Other parts from a 1990 Porsche 964 C2 were brought in to finish up the project.

emory porsche custom vehicle

Emory also reworked the engine, recruiting a 964-generation 911 flat-six. The middle two cylinders were removed to create a flat-four for the 356, while a pair of Garrett GT28R turbochargers were enlisted to make up for the loss of power. The engine now puts out just under 400 horsepower. That may not rival a lot of the supercars out there, but consider that the 356 RSR only weighs 1,950 pounds and you start to get an idea of how this little beast will be able to keep up with the big boys.

For better handling, Emory added in KW coil-overs, Tarett Engineering sway bars, a Qaife LSD, custom Coleman Racing rotors and hats, Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tires, and a whole slew of Eisenlohr Racing Products components.

emory porsche steering wheel

Of the build, Emory writes, “It was not built to accommodate everybody’s taste. So obviously there are some out there that think I took it too far.

“To be honest that’s OK. My idea was to look at the way Porsche evolved the 911 platform to accommodate more power, better performance, and drivability on and off the track like they did with the 935 and RSR back in the day and apply some of those same ideas and concepts to the 356 platform as if they would’ve continued building and developing it past 1965.”

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emory porsche steering wheel

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