Shelby Mustang GT500 is an Icon’s Icon

The Shelby Mustang GT500 did the impossible—improving on an iconic car. When the Mustang first appeared on the car scene, it had a revolutionary effect. Then Carroll Shelby got his hands on it and really made something of the “pony” car. The first Shelby Mustang, the GT350, quickly rose to the top as an elite performer. The GT500 stepped things up a notch, replacing the 289 cubic inches modified K-Code engine of the GT350 with a 427 cubic inch V8—dubbed the “Cobra Le Mans” engine. This same engine was used by Shelby’s racing team to take the top three places at the Le Mans Race, beating out Ferrari.

The GT500 didn’t just get an upgrade for its engine, it also got a little bit of a face-lift. The GT500 was the first to add in a roll bar across the top of the cabin. The hood, complete with air scoop, was widened out, while the trunk lid hooked up with the tailpiece to form a spoiler lip. The rear quarter windows were also lost in favor of rear-facing air scoops.

Fast Classics is offering a stunning Shelby Mustang GT500 right now. If you’re not already drooling over this car, then consider that there must have been a reason for the GT500 to be cast as “Eleanor,” the car Nicolas Cage was set on stealing in 2000’s Gone in Sixty Seconds. Let the bidding begin!

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