Get Off Road in The Shortcut Jeep 2016

Dubbed the Shortcut, this Jeep 2016 design looks like it could live up to its name. The Jeep looks like it would fall somewhere between a regular Jeep and a dune buggy in terms of size. The body feels compact, yet has this vibe of being fully loaded when it comes to powertrains.

Behance Jeep 2016 red

The ultra-knobby tires speak to it being able to crawl over just about anything. The roll cage says that you’ll survive even the worst tumble. The windshield has been removed in favour of more bars. Of course there’s the iconic Jeep grille, and the boxy shape remains true to the famous vehicle. The beefed-up front bumper provides two towing hooks and hides a winch.

The Shortcut looks like it could live up to its name, going anywhere you have a mind to go regardless of how tough the terrain. It also looks like it would be the perfect beach-going ride, or the cruiser out on the streets on a weekend night. The artist depicts the Shortcut in a striking red and black or blue and black colour combo. With a design like this, maybe Jeep should consider taking its own shortcut and pick up this vision for immediate production.

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