The Mil-Spec Auto Hummer H1 Launch Edition Combines Luxury and Off-Road

Meeting the requirements for a military vehicle isn’t an easy task. You have to have plenty of power, plenty of reliability, and plenty of aggressiveness. Mil-Spec Auto is releasing their Hummer H1 Launch edition truck, and it has everything needed to be found on the battlefields.

For starters, the H1 has an MSA tuned Duramax Turbo-Diesel that pumps out 500 horsepower and 1000 ft-lbs of torque. That monster attaches to an Allison transmission. If you’re not sure you’d be happy with only those stats, you can opt for a stage two or stage three tuning option for even more performance.

As is, the base tuning gets this H1 flying down the road at a tune of 0 to 100 km per hour in only 6.8 seconds. The engine is so powerful that Mil-Spec Auto had to electronically limit the top speed to only 154 kilometres per hour. The H1 also features hydroboost power-assisted brakes and a Yamaha Fazer8 suspension.

back view hummer

Of course, being a military vehicle meant that the H1 wasn’t exactly loaded with any frills, or comfort for that matter. Mil-Spec Auto decided to change that, but only slightly. The interior stayed minimalistic, but did add in a premium covering for all the interior space as well as a new interface that allows for intelligent controls. The H1 is also loaded with tri-level insulation, keeping road noise and ambient sound at a minimum.

True to its military legacy, H1 adds a touch of luxury to an off-road monster.

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