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Ferrari 12cilindri feature

Ferrari 12Cilindri is an 820HP Concoction of Power, Sound and Design

From the iconic 365 GTB/4 Daytona to the present-day 812 Superfast, Ferrari has created some of the greatest V12 grand tourers the world has ever seen. Yet, no one expected the boffins at Maranello to preserve the 12-cylinder engine in its new Grand Tourer with electrification slowly extending its influence over the supercar world. However, the new Ferrari 12Cilindri immediately secures a place as one of Maranello’s greatest with its soulful 6.5-lite V12 revving to a stratospheric 9500 rpm sans any electrification.

This is a pure celebration of what Ferrari is best known for and shuns any kind of hybrid technology in favour of an old-school melodic naturally aspirated powertrain.

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Ferrari 12cilindri engine
Ferrari 12Cilindri | Image: Ferrari

More than the striking lines, what’s underneath its long clamshell bonnet has been the topic of discussion. How Ferrari has managed to keep its V12 alive with the ever-tightening grip of emissions is anyone’s guess. The 6.5-litre 12-cylinder engine develops 819 horsepower, which is not a gigantic power leap over the 812 Superfast. However, the focus here is not on outright power but on preserving the formula that Ferrari has perfected for decades. Who needs more than 800 horsepower anyway?

The engine gets some of its modified components from the raucous 812 Competizione and engineers worked hard to make that V12 rev much higher with the weight of the powertrain being now reduced further. The wide power curve also means that 80 per cent of the total torque is available at just 2500 rpm. A standard 8-speed dual-clutch automatic is also tuned for sharper shifts and shorter ratios in the lower gears, while the eight-gear improves efficiency plus long-distance cruising. A shorter wheelbase over the 812 Superfast should mean even sharper handling.

Ferrari 12cilindri rear three quarter view
Ferrari 12Cilindri | Image: Ferrari

The jaw-dropping styling has also caught everyone by surprise as this is not some retro pastiche with a Prancing Horse badge; instead, it is an intriguing celebration of Ferrari’s past and future. The front end clearly harks back to the 365 GTB/4 Daytona with the distinctive wedge shape, and it looks more GT-like over the edgy 812 Superfast. The shape is clean and flows better with no aerodynamic fripperies stuck on the exterior.

The black panel at the front end (which cannot be colour-painted) connects the headlights and, no doubt must be the most radical aspect of this design, while the rectangular tail lamps are also a clear step away from the earlier V12 Ferraris. That said, the 12Cilindri is all about shock and awe, while it is a design that gets better the more you stare at it. Ferrari has also cracked the aero formula without bestowing the vehicle with a huge rear spoiler instead, it gets a pair of active flaps integrated with the rear screen.

Ferrari 12cilindri interior
Ferrari 12Cilindri | Image: Ferrari

Compared to the exterior, the interior is more sombre but uses the dual-cockpit design philosophy, as also seen in the Roma and the Purosangue. Peer closer and you’ll see an H-pattern gear selector jostling for attention amongst a passenger screen and a plethora of digitized buttons. Like the SF90, it is an apt throwback to the gated manual gearbox that graced some of the earlier V12 Ferraris.

Along with a large glass roof, the actual space inside is similar to the 812, while those seeking top-down motoring thrills laced with V12 power should wait for the Spider version that’s also available.

We expect a handful of examples to land in Australia from next year while prices are set at AU$803,500 for the Coupe and AU$886,500 for the Spider, but that shouldn’t deter prospective buyers from lapping them up.

Ferrari 12cilindri top down
Ferrari 12Cilindri | Image: Ferrari

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