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Ferrari sf90 xx in australia feature

$1.56 Million Ferrari SF90 XX Touches Down in Australia

The Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale and Ferrari SF90 XX Spider are far in a way the most extreme Ferraris currently on sale in Australia. Powered by a V8 internal combustion engine and three electric motors, the cars output 1,016HP and complete the 0-100km/h sprint in 2.3 seconds, which makes them only a hair slower than the recently unveiled Porsche Taycan Turbo GT (the quickest car you can buy in Australia).

What’s more impressive is the capabilities on track where it holds the lap record (1:17.309) at the brand’s testing facility in Fiorano.

Both cars touched down in Melbourne ahead of the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix. Just in time to catch Ferrari drivers Carlos Sainz and Charles LeClerc finish 1st and 2nd in the race on Sunday.

Limited to just 799 units for the Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale and 599 units for the roofless Ferrari SF90 XX Spider, these cars are priced from an eye-watering $1,568,200 and $1,730,100 respectively. That’s before you add any options and on-road costs. In simple terms, most owners won’t get much change out of $2.5-3 Million when they arrive in their driveways in early 2025.

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Ferrari sf90 xx in australia charles leclerc
Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale | Image: Ferrari

In typical Ferrari fashion, the Ferrari SF90 XX doesn’t simply add boost for horsepower’s sake. The engineers have pulled the engine apart and added compression with new pistons and the machining of the combustion chamber. They then polished the inlet and exhaust ducts before further refining the sound from the F154FB engine with a new hot tube system that directs pulsations into the cabin and brings a higher pitch sound.

There’s also more sound on the inside with an intake plenum now repositioned near the cabin’s bulkhead for “edgier, more raucous harmonics as the engine takes in greater quantities of air to deliver the desired torque.”

The gearbox benefits from a software update that takes queues from the Daytona SP3 and adds an audible gear-shift sound similar to the overrun on lift-off noise of high-performance driving at medium to high revs.

Ferrari sf90 xx in australia on stage
Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale | Image: Ferrari

Then there’s the way the Ferrari SF90 XX looks, with plenty of gussets, flaps, carbon fibre, and more that help deliver twice the amount of downforce than the SF90 Stradale on which it’s based.

Your eyes will be drawn to the large fixed wing at the rear that’s been developed hand-in-hand with the Ferrari Styling Centre. This means it’s as good-looking as it is functional, working in conjunction with the complex pressure and backpressure systems around the shut-off Gurney flap.

This is managed in two settings: LD (low drag) and HD (high downforce) which helps the SF90 XX achieve the maximum downforce of 315kg at 250km/h.

The combination of louvres over the front wheels, a specific front splitter (larger than the SF90 Stradale’s), and a redesigned underbody with vortex generators help the vehicle cool its engine more efficiently and add downforce of 325kg at top speed. It looks and performs like a track weapon.

Ferrari sf90 xx in australia carlos sainz
Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale | Image: Ferrari

If you’d like to read more about the bonkers Ferrari SF90 XX you can check out my full deep-dive article that breaks down all features. Otherwise, get yourself in line for an allocation of the most extreme Ferrari vehicle to ever grace our shores right now.

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