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Vagabund Porsche 944 Safari Takes a Classic Off-Road

OK, you’ve built a Safari version of a Porsche 944 and now it’s time to start marketing the kit. The question you need to answer is where should you shoot the promo pictures? You want to express the idea that this vehicle can go on any surface, anywhere—so what should the setting be? Vagabund got it right with their Porsche 944 Safari. They chose a wintery, snow-covered forest as the backdrop for their all-terrain car. If anything suggests both highway and off-road use, it’s a treacherous, snowy road.

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Image: Vagabund

But it’s not just smoke and mirrors marketing when it comes to the 944 Safari. Vagabund added a 40mm lift to the build for extra ground clearance. The tires are all-terrain, and the custom roof rack suggests that you can go anywhere with this car. Look closely at that rack and you’ll see both a spare tire and a Pelican hard case mounted there. Then there’s also the custom mud flap and the UV-resistant Safari livery.

For added thrills, Vagabund added in a NINE ELEVEN Outlaw X Shark Motorsports custom short shifter. On the list of modifications, you’ll also find new spring plates as well as a full axle conversion. The rear shocks are new also. Plus, you can choose whether you want black or gold powder coating on the wheels. And to keep things illuminated, Vagabund added a full Rallye light setup in the front, giving the buyer the option of choosing between Hella Rallye 1000 lights or Comet 500.

Other options for the build include studded tires, a hydraulic handbrake, a limited-slip differential, a coilover suspension upgrade, and a stainless steel exhaust system. Vagabund puts the kits together in their Graz workshop located in Austria. Bring in either your Porsche 944 or 924, and Vagabund will get you set up to go wherever you want—including icy tundras and snow-covered roads.

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Image: Vagabund

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Image: Vagabund

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Image: Vagabund

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Image: Vagabund