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Flexjet sikorsky s 76 helicopter

Flexjet Created a Private Helicopter Based on the Bentley Mulliner Bacalar

For many people, it’s the status symbol trifecta—owning your own jet, helicopter, and luxury automobile. If you can afford those three, then you’re probably considering how you might make them a matching set. Flexjet is using this desire to help launch its new helicopter division. Recently at The Quail, a Motorsports Gathering, Flexjet unveiled its Sikorsky S-76 Helicopter, which comes with an interior inspired by a Bentley Mulliner Bacalar.

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Flexjet bentley bacalar sikorsky s 76 helicopter

Flexjet Sikorsky S-76 Helicopter | Image: Flexjet

“By showcasing one of our private helicopters at The Quail, not only will we be able to introduce the division to our current aircraft owners, but we will be able to connect this automotive-focused audience with our LXi interior inspired by the Bentley Mulliner Bacalar sportscar,” explained Flexjet CEO Michael Silvestro.

Flexjet is entering the helicopter market to “provide last-mile transport for owners of Flexjet aircraft travelling from airports to their final destination.” The “Bentley treatment” will only be done on one helicopter, but Flexjet went all out to make a point. The helicopter has the wood veneer that is featured on the Riverwood dashboard and the seats feature the “copperhead shape and basketweave stitching on the white leather and black-trimmed seats of the Bacalar.” The helicopter also got the chameleon paint used for Bentley’s Julep, which is normally a red-gold but for this project a silver-green chameleon was developed. To round out the trio, Flexjet did similar work on a Gulfstream G650.

Flexjet bentley bacalar sikorsky s 76 helicopter 3

Flexjet Sikorsky S-76 Helicopter | Image: Flexjet

“Many Flexjet owners are aficionados not only of aircraft but also of automobiles, appreciating the elegance and performance of the finest examples of automotive style and engineering,” said Megan Woolf, Flexjet COO. There’s no word on when these vehicles will go into service, but for someone who wants the complete set, this will be hard to resist. Of course, making the collection even more exclusive, Bentley only manufactured 12 of the limited edition two-seat open air performance Mulliner Bacalars. Now all that is needed is a yacht featuring the same interior elements, and you’ll be able to let everyone know just how wealthy you are.

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