Cozy Up To Lufthansa’s New Business Class

World travellers will be singing songs of gratitude for the new Lufthansa business class. Come 2020, Lufthansa 777-9s will be equipped with new business class seats. The seats offer either more privacy or increased desk space. The vision behind the upgrade was to provide the best sleep in the air that any traveller will ever experience. Lufthansa flyers can sleep in beds measuring 220 cm—no more trying to find a comfortable position in a chair that doesn’t recline far enough or in rows that don’t provide enough leg room to really stretch out. The changes are possible because the new 777-9s are considerably wider than previous airliners.

lufthansa new business class luxury chair

It’s not just the comfort of the seating that’s changing. Technologically, the seats are getting an upgrade as well. The functions of the seat and in-flight entertainment can all be controlled from each passenger’s personal device, while smartphones and tablets can be recharged. Plus, screens for in-flight entertainment are larger. And that’s not to mention that each seat will now have aisle-access, so you won’t have to climb over fellow passengers to get to the bathroom.

If 2020 is too far out then don’t sweat, other upgrades are happening in 2018. First, new mattresses, duvets, and pyjamas, developed exclusively for Lufthansa are being rolled out. Sleeping sweaters are also available upon request, and if you’re ll not cozy, new lined blankets are also on the way.

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