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Brixton Crossfire 125 Pint-Sized Motorcycle to Launch 2022

When things are going well, you want to do whatever you can to maintain that momentum. That’s what Austrian motorcycle builder Brixton did. Capitalising on the popularity of its Crossfire 500 range, which was released in 2019, the brand was quick to announce at EICMA 2019 that they would be expanding that family. The next step for the company was the Brixton Crossfire 125, which was revealed at the KSR Group’s Moto Republic 2021 event.

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Image: Brixton Motorcycles

The Brixton Crossfire 125 is set to not just expand the family, nor to just maintain the company’s momentum. No, this bike is going to propel the Crossfire brand to the forefront. The Crossfire 125 comes equipped with a liquid-cooled, 124.8cc single engine capable of 13.4 horsepower and 7.7 lb-ft of torque.

The engine mates with a six-speed gearbox, which sets the bike up nicely for either on-road or off-road performance. Speaking of the road you take, the Crossfire 125 rides on 18-inch wire-spoke wheels for the front and a 17-inch wheel in the back. Adding either street tires or knobby off-roaders will work just fine with this set up.

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Image: Brixton Motorcycles

Newer riders will appreciate the dual-channel ABS, and tech aficionados will like the addition of LED lighting and LCD instrumentation. The seat measures in at 31.9 inches high, so there’s plenty of room for the majority of riders. With a nearly three-gallon tank, the Crossfire 125 has plenty of range for commuters and urban riders.

The addition of the Crossfire 125 to Brixton’s families is going to continue bringing attention to the company’s work, and if you’re a rider you’ll want to take notice. The one thing that we’re waiting on from Brixton for the Crossfire 125 is a word or two on pricing and availability, but when that knowledge is shared, you can bet that the Crossfire 125 will go quickly.

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