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Forcite’s New Candle Collection Will Make Your Home Smell of Petrol

Candles are a great way to give your home a pleasant aroma and create a welcoming atmosphere, but the scent options tend to be limited to the likes of vanilla, rose, lavender, coconut, eucalyptus, or incense. That is, until now. Thanks to Australia’s very own innovative smart motorcycle helmet company, Forcite, you can now make your place smell like the oil-stained garage you’ve always dreamed of with the Motorcycling Aromas by Forcite collection.

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This limited-edition collection of candles dares to do the olfactory equivalent of riding into oncoming traffic with a range of five scents, including Two Stroke, Race Fuel, Fresh Leather, Ocean Road, and Mystic Forest. Made in collaboration with Sent., a custom candle maker from Sydney, the idea first started as a joke, but the Forcite team was as surprised as anyone when the candles actually smelled good – we’re waiting to try them out and will report back once we’ve done so.

Forcite claims that only 50 packs of the Motorcycling Aromas collection will be made available this Christmas – that’s not to rule out more being made available in the new year – and they can be purchased for AUD$40. The collection will also be included with any purchase of a Forcite MK1S smart helmet made up until December 31. This Forcite Christmas bundle offers AUD$150 off the brand’s custom-built MK1S helmet pack, which includes a Forcite t-shirt and the Motorcycling Aromas collection of five 20g soy candles, all for AUD$1,149.

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Image: Forcite

“Riding a motorcycle is an intoxicating mix of sight, sound and smell. So while vision and feel are the two most important senses for riding a bike, there’s nothing quite like the heady fragrances of biking to make you feel alive,” said Forcite’s Alfred Boyadgis. “From the acidic tones of fresh tarmac and the sweet smell of blue gums, to the morning glory of a roadside coffee or the tang of hot metal and oil, motorcycling, basically, smells awesome.”

He’s not wrong and the more we think about it the more this candle collection actually makes a strange kind of sense. Clearly we’re not the only ones who have an appreciation (healthy or otherwise) for the plethora of smells served up by the motoring world.

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